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If you’re looking to renovate the exterior of your property this year, you may
want to look for building materials and solutions that offer the greatest
performance and style benefits.

Cladding is a solution that you could consider, as it can instantly bring your
home to life whilst protecting the underlying structure of your property.

Fibre Cement Cladding

There are many types of cladding to choose from and fibre cement cladding
offers a wide range of benefits over more traditional solutions.

Below we explore the features of fibre cement facades and how these can aid
your project.

Cedral fibre cement cladding is a leading material when considering fibre
cement facades as it can be easily installed alongside a range of other
building materials including brick and timber.

Cedral’s range of factory-applied colours, matching trims and traditional
timber or contemporary smooth effect finishes help create cohesion between
the existing and new materials as palettes can be easily matched.

Whilst it’s important the exterior of your home reflects the visual style you
want to achieve, you may also want to consider the durability and longevity of
the material to ensure it will last and doesn’t deteriorate or fade.

Cedral has been specifically designed with its multi-layered fibre cement
structure to offer substantial strength that can withstand the harshest of
weather conditions. This includes wind, rain and snow and offers a minimum
life expectancy of at least 50 years.

The ease of installation also enables insulation to be fitted behind the
cladding, providing a long-term solution to improving the thermal efficiencies
of your home.

As fibre cement cladding is available in planks of set sizes and is thinner than
concrete, it provides a sleek and streamlined effect. Cedral can be installed in
both horizontal and vertical formations, enabling you to create a completely
unique design.

For a New England style, Cedral Lap can be installed by overlapping the
planks to provide a traditional clapboard effect, with each board concealing
the fixings of the board beneath for a perfect finish.

If you’d prefer a more contemporary feel to your property, Cedral Click is the
UK’s first and only fibre cement flush fitting tongue and groove weatherboard
material, offering a sleek and streamlined exterior.

Cedral Lap and Cedral Click fibre cement cladding materials offer
homeowners the ideal solution for completing self-build or renovation projects
with ease. For further details about Cedral and to request your free sample

Cedral is a leading provider of roofing and cladding solutions to the construction industry. Part of the worldwide Etex Group, their unrivalled portfolio includes concrete and clay tiles, fibre cement slates, decorative cladding and profiled sheeting.

They appreciate that the priority for construction professionals is providing the highest quality product, which can be quickly installed alongside expert advice and guidance. Through careful product innovation they will continue to develop roofing and cladding systems that enhance the built environment

Proud to exhibit at Homebuilding & Renovating shows. Unrivalled product portfolio includes all types of concrete and clay tiles, double and single lap slates, decorative cladding and profiled sheeting. With over 100 years experience they have an industry knowledge that is second to none and can offer customers complete confidence in the products and services provided. They appreciate that the priority for customers is providing the highest quality product which can be quickly and easily installed alongside advice and guidance to best support them through every step of the build process.