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You may already know what makes a door look good, but what is it that makes a door a reliable and solid performer? Whether you’re looking for entrance, patio or bi-folding doors, your new doors will need to meet a wide range of requirements to keep you safe, warm and comfortable in your home. At Everest, they have used over 50 years of knowledge and experience to help guide you through the process of buying a quality external door with confidence.

A good door stands out because of its fantastic looks, but a great door often goes unnoticed thanks to its reliability and consistent high performance.

Doors can play a pivotal role in creating a lasting first impression, as well as enhancing the security and energy efficiency levels of your home. But there’s so much to consider when choosing a new or replacement door set! And with so many advances in design, materials and technology in recent years, there’s now even more to learn.

Everest believe that in helping you understand the more technical aspects of door performance, they can help you make the right decisions, leading you to a door set that will keep you safe, warm and happy for many years to come.

All of Everest’s doors are:


All Everest doors are double-glazed and fully sealed, utilise advanced glass technology and have insulation that is twice as good as conventional sealed units.


All Everest doors are all fully insulated to significantly reduce the impact of outdoor noise, so when you’re looking forward to some peace and quiet, you know you’re going to get just that.

More secure

At Everest, they take security seriously which is why all doors come with an extensive range of top-quality security features to give your home the highest level of protection whether you’re at home or away.

Virtually maintenance free

Everest Doors are guaranteed to remain smart and attractive, with surfaces that are easy to clean and virtually maintenance-free designs.

Energy efficient

Everest Doors help to make your home more energy efficient. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how much their heat retaining features and immaculate fit could save you.

Lifetime guaranteed

Everest offer comprehensive guarantees that give you added peace of mind, including a lifetime guarantee against fog and condensation. And should you sell your property, the guarantees can be transferred to the new owner too!

How do you know what the best door for you looks like until you’ve seen all the options? Book a free appointment with one of Everest’s local expert consultants. There’ll be absolutely no obligation to buy – but they’ll pop round at a time that suits you, listen to your ideas about what you want to do, bring you some real samples to hold and then design your perfect doors.

A lot has changed since Everest first started improving homes over 50 years ago. They have introduced an ever growing range of products, and continue to be at the forefront of product development. It is their commitment to producing the best products of their kind on the market that marks them out in the industry.

Everest’s unparalleled range of products ensures they can always find the perfect one for you. Combine this with decades of experience across over 2 million homes, and expert advisors and design consultants, to guarantee an unrivaled choice.

What differentiates Everest from other home improvement companies is that they value their customers so highly.  Placing your needs at the forefront of importance when designing new products combined with workmanship and attention to detail results in Everest making products of the highest quality.

Going for the cheapest home improvement option probably won’t give you the best value in the long run. Long lasting value is at the heart of everything Everest do. That’s why they don’t have a fixed price list, but tailor your quote to your needs. Everyone’s different, so Everest look at exactly what you want and make sure that’s all you pay for.

All Everest products are also made with the highest quality materials and tested beyond British standards so they last longer with longer guarantees. Many even come with great price offers too.

All Everest products are bespoke and individually tailored to suit your home. Therefore, to provide an accurate quote an appointment is required with one of their local consultants who will discuss your exact product requirements and take the necessary measurements. Everest consultants all carry samples to demonstrate their wide range of styles and designs. Call Everest on 01707 877313 (Option 1) to book your free, no-obligation consultation.

Proud to exhibit at the Homebuilding & Renovating Show. Everest windows, doors and conservatories are a unique and inspiring reflection of who you are. They have nearly 50 years’ experience of delivering the highest quality workmanship and personal service to their customers, making Everest Home Improvements the number one choice to help turn your house into a home.