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Chelmer’s flagship thermal store, the Ecocat cylinder has been designed from the ground-up with renewable heat sources in mind…

Performance where it Counts
The 4m² mains-pressure domestic hot water coil in the Ecocat thermal store is over three times larger than a standard high performance (36kW) boiler coil for greater performance at lower running temperatures.

Optimised for Heat Pumps and Boilers
The Ecocat’s separate low-temperature heating buffer section allows the small, infrequent heating demands of a property that is “up to temperature” to be met by stored renewable energy before activating the heat pump/boiler to reduce wasteful on/off cycling.

Optimised for Solar Thermal
The Ecocat’s solar optimisation allows low-grade solar thermal input into underfloor heating and/or low-temperature radiators, whilst automatically transferring any higher temperature water generated to the hot water section when available.

Optimised for Stoves and Ranges
Their Solid Fuel Stove Connection Kits (sold separately) allow a solid fuel/wood burning stove or range to heat both the hot water and heating sections of the Ecocat to their required temperatures independently for safe and efficient use.


Chelmer have been providing complete renewable heating and hot water solutions to home builders and installers for over 20 years.

They use products from their extensive portfolio of thermal stores, underfloor heating, heat pumps, boilers and solar thermal collectors to design and supply integrated systems tailored to each of their customers’ individual requirements.

Chelmer’s unique range of high-performance thermal store cylinders which includes their Chelmer Ecocat thermal store cylinder have been designed to seamlessly integrate multiple heat inputs, such as a boiler, solar and a wood burning stove, into a single, elegant heating and hot water solution.

All their packages include bespoke system designs, comprehensive manuals and free technical assistance for installers, as well as being covered by an insurance-backed design guarantee.

Proud to exhibit at the Homebuilding & Renovating Shows.