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With fluctuations in the value of the pound, the rising cost of imported materials, a significant shortage of building supplies, and high labour costs your profit margins are getting tighter.

Choose Durisol, the original insulated concrete formwork (ICF), for your next development project and save up to 20% on your build costs.

Manufactured in Wales from locally sourced materials, Durisol ICF is an alternative to brick, block and timber-frame construction. Since 1937 Durisol has been successfully used for build projects across Europe and is cheaper than traditional building methods.

Durisol ICF units are quick and easy to construct. The units are supplied pre-insulated and are simply dry stacked together to form the walls and then in-filled with concrete. Construction does not require specialist tradespeople, and unlike polystyrene ICFs, there is no need to prop the walls during construction.

Building with Durisol is straightforward and fast, speeding up the time taken to complete your development and capitalise on your investment.

Durisol enables easy compliance with UK building regulation requirements right through to the high standards of Passivhaus. The U-values and PSI values that can be achieved exceed traditional cavity and timber frame construction values. The Durisol system contributes to many of the criteria required for achieving Code for Sustainable Homes and BREEAM ratings economically and efficiently.

Why build with Durisol?

  • UK manufactured
  • Minimal lead time
  • Fast and easy to construct
  • No dependence on skilled tradespeople
  • Can be constructed in all weathers
  • Suitable for all sites even those with poor access
  • Easy compliance with UK building regulations

Durisol units have been used successfully for a wide variety of commercial build projects such as housing developments, apartment blocks, leisure complexes, care homes and schools.

To ensure your Durisol build proceeds smoothly, we offer free training to your building team and on-site technical support during critical stages of the build such as the concrete pour.

To find out more and see examples of Durisol projects, visit

Proud to exhibit at the Homebuilding & Renovating Shows. Durisol is the safe, reliable alternative to traditional brick, block and timber-frame construction. It is designed to structural masonry code, not mass poured concrete. Its lead time is minimal, with stock available from their site in South Wales quickly and technical staff on hand to train you how to use it.