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I’m renovating my house and want to make my home more energy efficient. I’ve heard about double and triple glazing, but which one should I choose?

Heat rises in our homes, making roof insulation extremely important. As we often use roof windows in our living spaces the ensuring you are well insulated and have a comfortable environment is a major.

With so much information out there about energy efficiency, it is hard to know what is best for your home and what will provide the most benefits. However, triple glazed windows are a great way to improve household efficiency and help to reduce your energy bills.

Although double glazing is still the most popular option in the UK, more and more homeowners are starting to switch to triple glazing due to the benefits it can bring to your home.

A double glazed glass unit when horizontal is 30% less efficient than when in a normal vertical window position, this means that a triple glazed unit will be 50% more efficient in the same space ensuring consistent room temperatures during summer and winter months.

Nothing disrupts a cosy night in more than external sounds invading our homes, and the extra pane of glass used in triple glazing will block out most background noises. Plus, triple glazing is also incredibly difficult to break, meaning it will offer you added security from break-ins whilst in and out of your home.

It will ultimately provide you with financial savings by offering high levels of insulation during the winter. In fact, research has shown that as much as £50 per sq metre can be saved with triple glazed windows, this equates to £500 over the 10 years

British rooflight company, Roof Maker ( is a world leader in the

design, manufacture and supply of rooflights and their fixed flat rooflights are a great choice when looking to be more energy efficient. Roof Maker’s triple glazed units are specified with the very best components to ensure the best energy efficiency ratings can be achieved with high performance glass, warm edge spacers between the glass and argon gas filled cavities.

Each of Roof Maker’s contemporary products comes with an unprecedented 20-year unit seal warranty on all glazing units, a 10-year guarantee against frame discoloration, cracking, shape deterioration and component failure, and a three year guarantee on any motor, switches, climate control units or other electrical items within the product. Roof Maker also offers 0% finance. For further information visit or call 0116 214 7112.

Roof Maker offers the very best in British design with contemporary skylights, roof lanterns and bifold doors that can transform your living space and open up your home to natural light.

Renowned for their minimalist elegance, they offer the slimmest aluminium profiles on the market, plus some flush-glazed frameless options to help you create a completely streamlined look.

For exceptional energy efficiency the range is triple glazed as standard, with market leading lowest U-values of 0.5W/m2k. This will help to keep your rooms comfortably warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

As a part of its commitment to design innovation, Roof Maker has introduced several highly successful ‘industry firsts’, including self-tinting solar control glass and super insulated lightweight hinged opening rooflights.

Established in 2001, Roof Maker is a wholly UK based company, which designs, manufactures and provides a professional installation service, so that you can rely on a consistently top quality service throughout.

All their products exceed current building standards and come with a 20-year unit seal warranty.

To find out more why not visit the state of the art factory and showroom in Leicester. Call 0116 269 6297 for a consultation and their experienced and friendly staff will be pleased to help you create the perfect look.

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