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For those looking to get more natural light into a room or space with a flat roof, there are plenty of options. A rooflight (or flat roof skylight) is an effective solution that can allow up to three times more light to enter than a vertical window of equal size. With a huge range of different products available, Scott Couldrey, Managing Director, discusses some of the options and considerations when selecting a rooflight or skylight.

The benefits

Flat roofs can easily accommodate a variety of different rooflight styles, so there’s quite a bit of flexibility depending on your requirements and taste. The first thing to consider is whether a glass skylight or polycarbonate rooflight is best for your project. Glass is typically the desired option if you can see the rooflight from the outside of the property or want to add a feature to the room, whereas polycarbonate is best if a hardwearing solution is needed.

Whichever option you select will have a major impact on the natural light levels within a room. Better light can make a property look more spacious while also improving the wellbeing of those using the space. Furthermore, with less need for artificial lighting, energy bills and a property’s carbon footprint can also be reduced.

Glass options

Roof lanterns and pyramid skylights are the first choice for allowing as much light as possible to enter a room. Designed to have minimal yet functional supporting struts, they deliver both visual elegance and superior thermal performance that can create an impressive centre-piece in the room…letting the outside in!

Flat glass skylights also let in significant amounts of light and can be combined in panels to create larger expanses of glazing. If your flat roof is also used as a terrace or balcony area, then hard-wearing walk-on rooflights are the perfect choice. Anti-slip coatings ensure they are the best option for their multipurpose under-foot and over-head function.

Polycarbonate options

A polycarbonate rooflight is particularly suitable for a property that needs a hardwearing and durable solution. They come in a range of shapes and sizes such as domes and pyramids, with different glazing options – from single to quad skins – that determine the thermal properties of the roof dome.

Increased functionality

Once you’ve selected glass or polycarbonate, there are also functional options to consider. There are different ventilation options, rotary or hinged, which can be manual or electric depending on how easy it is to access your rooflight. Should your rooflight or skylight need to be used as a way to access your flat roof, an access hatch can be fitted, or perhaps a smoke vent that can help reduce smoke build-up in the event of a fire.


It can be a little daunting when you first consider the different options available, so it’s always best to seek expert advice when choosing the right product for you. Their knowledgeable team have years of industry experience and can help advise and source the right product for you. And, if they can’t find exactly the right solution, then it can be manufactured to your specification.

Rooflights & Skylights can make a huge difference to a space and can be fitted cost-effectively without needing to make structural changes to a property. So, if you’re trying to achieve the impression of maximum space, a light and airy room with great feel-good effects, a rooflight is something to strongly consider.

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