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The design of this home had to fit around the existing ‘Folly’ and take in the views over the  Surrey/Hampshire countryside.

Overhangs on the roof provided necessary south facing shading with minimal windows to the North elevation.
The house was built using a 195mm timber frame fully filled with mineral wool insulation and over-clad with external wall insulation to overcome thermal bridging. Metal Web floors were installed off joist hangers, to avoid thermal bridging, this also made the installation of ducting and 1st fix easier.
Breathable, natural render finishes were applied with feature areas of cedar cladding. Whole house  MVHR was installed with triple glazed windows.
The dwelling achieved a SAP of 97 with excellent fabric energy efficiency (F.E.E).

Established in 2007, Evolved Design offers a range of services using their ‘Carbon System Homes’ building solutions using materials that are sustainable, proven and energy efficient.

Their homes are designed to surpass the current building regulations & they are happy discussing technologies that will give you higher levels of comfort and save on energy costs & design in the use of triple glazed windows and mechanical ventilation with heat recovery by adopting the Passivhaus principals. They offer a range of solutions that can be tailored to suit your design, plot and budget.

Evolved Design are happy to provide initial consultations, budget quotations and technical specifications without obligation. They are on hand to assist you through the entire process from design through planning to starting on site.

Their aim is to ensure that you are left a secure, weather tight shell for you or your builders to finish internally and externally or they can offer a complete turnkey solution.

Evolved design operate throughout England & Wales offering ‘on site’ services to all areas.

As certified Passivhaus designers they understand how to design homes that require little or no heating. They believe in ‘Putting fabric first’.