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Milbank have been manufacturing and supplying precast concrete flooring products for over 70 years. Our concrete t-beams come in both 155mm and 225mm deep pre-stressed options and are available in lengths of 1-6m in 50mm increments. We also provide concrete block flooring products (standard 100mm deep building blocks to span the gaps between the beams) and a range of slip bricks and end blocks.

Our concrete floor beams are made at our dedicated manufacturing facility in Essex, UK. With an expert manufacturing team, all of our concrete beams are cast to a high quality and with excellent durability & longevity.

We carry a permanent stock of over 25,000m of our T155 concrete floor beams in varying lengths to suit any order requirements. We also keep a limited stock of the thicker T225 beams, but are well positioned to quickly manufacture concrete beams to order, in 50mm increments up to 7.8m long. Our variability and flexibility combined with attention to detail sets us apart from competitors.


About Us

From design and manufacture to delivery and installation, we offer the most comprehensive concrete product service in the UK, providing a range of precast concrete products including; balconies, beam & block flooring, bespoke concrete products, silage clamps, ground beams, hollowcore flooring, insulated flooring, helical stairs, sea defences, custom stairs & landings and stadia products.

Our manufacturing facilities, offices and transport hub are located near Colchester on the border between Essex and Suffolk, in the UK. With the A12, M11 and M25 all nearby, we are well positioned to offer a competitive concrete products service to London & the Home Counties, East Anglia and the South East. Alongside our flagship prefabricated concrete products, we supply an array of specialist concrete products including; spiral stairs, bespoke precast, stadia etc. and can supply our products to most parts of the UK. We have a team of technical engineers and design staff that offer technical support, produce design drawings and offer innovative design led solutions on a daily basis.

About Our Concrete

Precast concrete is the most commonly used building material in the world and by manufacturing in a carefully controlled factory environment our precast concrete is not affected by variable site conditions or the elements. With this in mind, it is a safe, reliable, long lasting and cost-effective product and the construction industry benefits from all these features for all types of building projects. Our products are designed and supplied to exact build fit and specification, which allows the build process to move forward efficiently and without delay. The individual components allow immediate site and finishing access following installation providing a solid footing – meaning no delays for follow-on trades.

Milbank concrete is always perfectly mixed and offers superior strength and durability to traditional wet concrete. It is quicker than in-situ mould construction and pouring and can be made into any shape. It is fireproof and is tough and durable with excellent exposure properties. It is wholly resistant to insect, pests, vermin attacks, fungus and mildew. It is completely recyclable and all precast units can be re-used in their entirety at the end of their life. If you need to know more, just drop us an email, we are always happy to help.