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The style and designs of the homes WeberHaus build are as varied as the people they’re made for.

No matter what your personal taste or preference is, they will meet the challenge. They have a team of vastly experienced project managers, architects and designers dedicated to every stage of the process. From iconic, traditional styles of yesteryear to designs at the forefront of modernity, WeberHaus can realise your vision.

WeberHaus will change what you thought possible. And if you’re already working with an architect they are more than happy to partner with them to realise your vision. It’s why they are one of the leading home builders in Germany.

WeberHaus have been one of Germany’s leading custom house builders for over 50 years, and when you partner with them the layout, design, fixtures and fittings will be exactly as you want them. Even more, your project will be on time, on budget and built using quality materials and craftsmanship. 

From master craftsmen to award-winning trainees, WeberHaus share your passion to create a home that’s perfectly yours.

Combining precision engineering with hand-finished expertise and using locally sourced, natural wood and high quality fixtures. Since 1960, WeberHaus has created over 34,000 custom homes that are considered down to the very last detail.

WeberHaus know how to deliver excellence through every single stage and aim to give you an experience that will be a pleasure from start to finish. From initial plans to the first time you close the front door.

They assign a dedicated project manager to ensure your experience is as stress-free and enjoyable as possible. Partnering with WeberHaus will change what you thought possible. They will take care of everything. Yet the home they build will be entirely yours.