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Urban Cottage Industries is a manufacturer, wholesaler and retailer based near Hebden Bridge in West Yorkshire. With the internationally acclaimed lighting brand Factorylux, and the printing brand Prelogram under its wing, Urban Cottage Industries possesses a diverse portfolio of products and services.

Under its brand Factorylux, Urban Cottage Industries is renowned for its eclectic and stylish range of lighting. Amongst the most popular of its offerings, is its bespoke lighting service. Part of its unique appeal is that it presents its customers with an unrivalled level of creative control over the design of their lighting. Take the enamel pendant lights as an example – there are seven decisions involved. From the style and colour of the enamel lamp shade to the type and colour of ceiling rose, right down to the style, colour and length of cable, everything is customisable.

Another of Urban Cottage Industries’ endeavours is Prelogram. When they acquired Airedale Products & Print Ltd in 2010, they also acquired the UK’s largest collection of 19th century typesetting machinery and traditional platen presses. In collaboration with leading art, design and media brands, Prelogram uses its uniquely anachronistic equipment to blur the lines between analogue and digital.

From its humble origins working out of a kitchen in east London, Urban Cottage Industries has since grown to become the expansive enterprise it is today. In 2007, under the name the Historic Lighting Company, the business began salvaging authentic light fittings from mills in the West Riding of Yorkshire. Over time, they eventually became the largest supplier of original lighting components. In the process, they pioneered the industrial lighting aesthetic that is so prevalent today.

Urban Cottage Industries’ status as pioneers goes beyond the products they supply -they were also one of the first accredited Living Wage employers in Britain. When they aren’t busy pioneering, Urban Cottage Industries are probably prioritising customer service. During working hours, any queries or questions you have will be answered in a matter of minutes. Please do not hesitate to get in touch via email, telephone or online chat.

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