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Trunk Low Energy Building will bring expertise, focus and clarity to your low energy, Eco-house or Passivhaus building project.

Embarking on the ‘project of a lifetime’ is never easy, but when the brief demands you meet rigorous standards it is vital you assemble the most appropriate team and run the project in the right way.

Trunk has a solid track record of successfully delivering challenging and ambitious projects. Early involvement is ideal to get on top of cost, energy performance and project planning.  Once the project has definition, and the client has full visibility and confidence, work packages are procured and managed accordingly.

Trunk is the ‘glue’ that holds everything together to ensure targets are met and projects are completed on time and to budget.

Whatever stage you are at, whether or not you have an architect and wherever you are based don’t hesitate to contact them because there are always ways in which Trunk can add value to your project.

“After approximately 30 minutes of discussing our project with Mike, we knew we had found someone who was as passionate about what we were trying to do as we were, he showed himself to be a credible and knowledgeable industry professional who we just HAD to work with.”

 “Trunk has achieved a comprehensive set of solutions to ensure the success of a complex building project, on a site with difficult access in a sensitive area. I would thoroughly recommend them to anyone thinking of embarking on a low energy self build.”


Trunk Low Energy Building Ltd
27 Priory Avenue

01189 511 465