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TenderSpace connects clients, contractors, professionals and suppliers via its unique ToolBox which has been developed in conjunction with experts from the sector. The ToolBox provides a large suite of mostly free tools which allow people to efficiently connect, analyse and manage the complex workflows and processes involved in any construction related project.

For property owners, occupiers and their advisors, TenderSpace’s range of free tools, helps you find the right resources for projects large or small.

For contractors, suppliers, specialists, trades and professionals wishing to source new work opportunities, a low cost subscription unlocks the Work Finder tool, allowing subscribers to directly tender for jobs before competitors. Clients and their Advisors can benefit from the free tools within the TenderSpace ToolBox. These provide the ability to manage relationships or develop new ones at a time when construction costs are rising steeply and contractors are able to pick and choose which projects they take on.

The free suite of tools are as relevant to large developers or property owners as to someone opening a shop or to an individual embarking on a residential self-build project.

Both novices and seasoned professionals can easily manage the whole process from procuring professionals and a wider construction team, through to sourcing materials and managing the entire project, reducing risk and adding value.

Contractors and specialists whether large or small, from sole traders to main contractors, have the opportunity to manage existing workflows and relationships, while developing new ones.

A low cost subscription unlocks the Work Finder tool, allowing contractors to directly tender for jobs before competitors, allowing organisations to expand their business network, gaining market intelligence at a fraction of the cost of competing alternatives, opening the door to new work opportunities at the best possible stage – early and ahead of the game.

All registered users can also enjoy free use of Profile Builder – an intuitive and simplified version of the industry standard PAS91 Pre-Qualification Questionnaire, designed to eliminate wasted time, effort and investment involved in completing repetitious Pre-Qualification Questionnaires. TenderSpace users need only complete one logically and intuitively designed profile, which can then be shared with potential buyers, clients and employers.

Suppliers and manufacturers of construction materials are also able to benefit with the use a unique tool that allows them to promote their products and innovations to potential customers early in the procurement process.  TenderSpace allows the supplier/manufacturer to find opportunities rather than waiting to be found, especially important in a time of increased competition from overseas.

TenderSpace is the only free cloud-based solution for everyone involved in any stage of the construction process.

The ToolBox simplifies effective project management and collaboration and can be used to build new teams and source materials

TenderSpace improves efficiency and adds value by having everything in one place.

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