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SolteQ UK’s Vision – The roof of the future

SolteQ UK’s vision is for energy bills to become a thing of the past, by utilising the sun’s clean energy to meet all of our household electricity and heating demands.

This is SolteQ UK’s contribution to the energy revolution. The technology is available now, why not use it!

To date, rooftop photovoltaic systems have comprised ugly solar panels fitted on top of conventional roof tiles.

But what if there were a system that is completely different?

What if the solar collectors used to capture the suns energy and produce electricity were not visible on the roof?

Would such a system be of interest to you?

This system is available now, for roofs and even for facades.

Why not contact SolteQ UK today and find out more about the SolteQ Energy Roof. Let them design you a system (free of charge) which will make your energy bills a thing of the past and enable you to become independent of the Power Grid.

SolteQ UK Ltd.
Registered Office
14A Main Street
United Kingdom

+44 (0)800 689 4194

SolteQ UK understand that the world of energy is changing.

A more diverse, hybrid, approach is emerging. They are offering the chance to become self-sufficent in household energy . . . even in challenging environments!