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Darton House,
Bedale Road,
Leeming Bar,
North Yorkshire

01677 427 800

Proud to exhibit at the Homebuilding & Renovating Show.

Jason Hadlow started his adventure importing ‘second hand’ Oak furniture from Holland. Massive solid Oak pieces were abundant in Holland in the late 90’s and Jason swiftly sold anything he could bring back in his van. Having met a number of Dutch suppliers, he entered into an arrangement whereby they would source the furniture and pack a 40ft container every month. Having found an old Service Station in Leeming Bar Jason was set to go. Often as not customers would  know that the furniture was arriving at the Simply Dutch store and wait in the Car Park to see what was being unpacked. 15 successful years of selling Oak furniture followed, until the supply slowed up. But rather than slow down, Jason ‘upped the ante’ and started importing Oak Ranges from further afield. Tables, Chairs and Beds were swiftly followed by Freestanding Oak Kitchens and the legend was reborn. In 2016 Simply Dutch still occupies the same site, selling it’s unique eclectic blend of great products from around the World.