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Robocleaning Services exist to provide Homes and Businesses in Berkshire and its surrounding counties with a cleaner, greener and healthier environment through the use of their innovative products and Healthy, eco-friendly cleaning practices.

Robocleaning Services are passionate about improving the quality of life for you and your loved ones as well as introducing you to healthy premises maintenance; the ultimate cleaning experience.

At Robocleaning Berkshire you’ll find not only experience and expertise, but also a unique attitude to customer service and contract management. It’s how they manage to deliver time after time. Their success in winning and successfully managing complex cleaning projects in and around Berkshire pays testament to that. Your total satisfaction is the key to their success and Robocleaning Services strive never to forget that.

Robocleaning’s Values…

  • They work hard to delight all their customers by understanding and exceeding their expectation.
  • They endeavour to operate with integrity; acting responsibly, honestly, fairly and with utmost respect for their customers
  • They strive for innovation of the eco-friendly products designed on adding value to their customer’s quality of life
  • They are committed to provide healthy indoor environment for your ultimate cleaning experience

Our Pricing Policy

In the highly competitive world of Contract Cleaning it is tempting for a supplier to offer you a ‘loaded’ cleaning specification for very little charge. The service will normally start well and will deteriorate after a few months as the supplier looks for ways to make savings. There are two ways that a company like this can succeed……….they can either ask their staff to do some of the work for nothing, or they can miss a few things out and hope that you don’t notice.

Which do you think they will do?
Robocleaning Services never take this approach. They take the view that every cleaning operation has a time value attached to it and therefore must contain an element of cost. As long as you agree with this concept we can design a cleaning service to fit your budget and the service will remain constant throughout the period of the contract.

Whatever your budget….you’re better off spending it with us.

Ajay Business Centre
8 Crossways
Silwood Road

01344 238000