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If you’re looking for a new way to jazz up the walls of your bathroom or kitchen, then there’s a good chance you’ve come across Mosaic Village during your searches. Right away it’s obvious that there’s a multitude of tile types on offer, whether it’s the classic linear tiles or more modern honeycomb pattern. Not only this but if you are spoilt for choice, then you’ll find their website offers a blog full of advice to help – so the customer experience is a large aspect of what the company can offer. 

Fast and free delivery

The option of Next Day Delivery and Free Delivery are huge incentives for customers, especially those who are up against a deadline. The £120 minimum order for Free Delivery may seem hefty for smaller, more personal home renovations, but if you’re tiling a full room or multiple spaces, it shouldn’t be a problem – especially when you factor in buying additional tiles in case of a mishap. The only problem most customers will have is choosing which tiles to go for from Mosaic Village’s sizeable selection.

A helpful tool to visualise your look

That’s where the new mosaic tile visualiser comes in. Simple to use, this handy tool offers customers the chance to test out a small range of tile designs on a standard kitchen wall. By no means perfect, the visualiser is nonetheless usual in aiding those crucial decoration decisions. And it can be used alongside their rich variety of helpful blog posts discussing tile trends and tips. From their user-friendly site offering advice on tap, it’s clear Mosaic Village prioritises helping anyone in search of the perfect tiles.