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Neil Mercer founded The Timber Frame Consultancy in 2006 – a specialist timber frame consultancy, based in East Sussex. Neil has worked in the industry on a variety of different projects – from bespoke eco builds to huge disproportionate collapse structures. Early in his career, Neil realised that although timber frames are brilliant in their performance and the speed that they offer, they’re a product which requires a huge amount of upfront analysis in order to get them right. This requires time, dedicated attention and the kind of one to one service that other companies were struggling to achieve, due to the restrictions that come with high volumes of projects. To answer this challenge, Neil decided to set up a boutique timber frame consultancy with deliberately limited client numbers, enabling him to offer a unique way for timber frame structures to be designed and installed, with the accuracy and efficiency that they deserve. His approach was a popular one, and the volume of projects quickly became more than one person alone could manage.

The Timber Frame Consultancy LTD trading as Mercers,
2 Albert Villas, Station Road, Mayfield,
East Sussex TN20 6BN

01435 874815