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The inspiration behind the creation of Landsight Property Services Limited (“LANDSIGHT”) was initiated by the Managing Director (“MD”) an experienced and active property lawyer since 1996 who noticed during his working practices there was a gap in the property industry which had been overlooked by property professionals. More surprisingly within this gap in the market there was a large proportion of the general public that experienced difficulties in locating the property which met their criteria and limited themselves to the services of local estate agents who we know always act in the best interests of the sellers and NOT the buyers. This frustrated the MD as he felt that he could better serve these individuals and began to focus his attention on this gap in the market which later inspired the MD to create LANDSIGHT in 2008.

“To provide the most creative and innovative services on a consistent basis, to drive meaningful value to all our clients. To be the best at what we do.”

The LANDSIGHT Mission-
“To mobilise and deliver our vast knowledge, resources and talent throughout the United Kingdom and the rest of Europe on behalf of our clients, and to enable them to make the most informed property decisions.”

Take a look at LANDSIGHT’s range of services here.


Land & Development

Property Search
Land Search

– Water & Drainage
– Environmental
– Flood Risk
– Subsidence
– Plan Search Plus
– Energy & Infrastructure
– Chancel Repair
– Mining & Coal
– Commercial Services
Title Deed Check Service
– Official Copy Register
– Official Copy Plan
– Official Copy Transfer
– Official Copy Conveyance
– Official Copy Lease
Statutory Declarations
– Access
– Rights of Way
– Use
– Adverse Possession
Deed Drafting & Guidance Service
– Exclusivity Agreements
– Declarations of Trust
– Transfers of Part
– Transfers of Whole
– Transfers of Equality
– Deeds of Covenant
– Deeds of Rectification

Lease Advisory Department

Tenant Services
– Extend your lease
– Mutual Agreement
– S.42 Notice
– Survey & Valuation
– Negotiation
– Special Clauses
– Conveyancing Guidance for Sale
Lease Enfranchisement
-S.13 Notice
– Participation Agreement
Freehold Enfranchisement
– S.5 Notice
Landlord Services

Representation Services

Overseeing House Purchase
Overseeing House Sale
Liaison with Legal Advisors
Conveyancing Guidance
Landlord Representation
Tenant Representation
Debt Collection Service

Management Services

Block of Flats
Single Flat
– General Building
– Communal Areas


Special Conditions
Overseas conveyancing
Liaison with Legal Advisors

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