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Hooga is the UK’s leading Passivhaus building design specialist
They’re a property developer with a difference. Hooga believe you should only accept and live in the best. Their mission is to create high quality, life-enhancing properties that perfectly match the aspirational needs of the owner.

With highly skilled craftsman rigorously following the precision building methods of the German Passivhaus standard, Hooga offer unique, sustainable, low-energy homes with unrivalled health and wellbeing benefits.

Their unique fabric-first approach starts well before any on site works commence, with every detail meticulously planned and considered before being expertly executed. From foundations to windows through to fixtures and fittings, every element is delivered to the highest quality standards possible and that even includes those elements you can’t see!

With 70 years combined experience in delivering such homes across the UK and mainland Europe, Hooga also have certified accreditations from the Passivhaus Institute in Darmstadt, Germany.

With these credentials, Hooga can guarantee your home – be it small or very grand – will be built to the highest standards that exist in the industry today.

0845 319 1916