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When it comes to engineering, it is widely accepted the Germans take the biscuit. So it’s reassuring to know the UK’s appetite for wastewater treatment and rainwater harvesting systems that are designed and manufactured to such exacting standards is now being met in the UK.

Graf, the European market leader in sustainable water management solutions, really is the go-to guru for solutions to wastewater and storm water requirements, and on a more savoury note, how best to harvest that much underused resource – rainwater.

The unparalleled expertise Graf has built up over more than 50 years is evident in the ways in which its products have evolved to be as attractive as they are incredibly functional.

For instance, Graf’s wastewater treatment systems are exceptionally efficient in terms of running, servicing and maintenance. But while this has been realised through innovative technology, the manufacturer does not over-engineer its systems. Simples is the by-word here.

Graf waste water treatment systems have no mechanical parts, or pumps or electrical wiring, in the tank so if an issue does crop up (which is extremely unlikely given the company offers a peerless warranty of up to 25 years with them) it can be resolved without getting your hands dirty.

They can also automatically adapt to becoming under or over-charged so performance is kept to a high standard and their low energy efficiency is not compromised.

They also store more, so desludging is required less frequently, and when it is, you might need to send out a search party for the manhole/access covers as they are colour-camouflaged, flush and incredibly discreet.

Installation costs are also minimised as Graf wastewater treatment systems have been designed and built in robust but lightweight recycled plastic so they can be installed with a gravel base and backfill instead of the more traditional, and time-consuming (and therefore money-consuming) concrete.

You need to know this because “new” regulations governing the use of septic tanks are already in force. Under the General Binding Rules, anyone with a septic tank discharging into a watercourse must have plans in place to replace it or upgrade the foul water solution within a reasonable timescale, typically 12 months, or sooner if the property is sold before this date. This is a bid by the Environment Agency to reduce the level of pollution from sewage in the nation’s watercourses. So your septic tank will need replacing with a [Graf] small sewage treatment plant.

On that more savoury note, Graf’s above-ground garden tanks and containers are as eye-catching as they are environmentally friendly.

Working to the philosophy “Rainwater is free”, Graf’s rainwater harvesting products enable the use of such water for irrigating gardens, flushing toilets and filling washing machines – actions believed to save private households around 50% on water bills.

Supplied via builders’ merchants throughout the UK, the extensive and innovative Graf UK portfolio can also include bespoke products to help ensure self-builds stand out in more ways than one.

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Proud to exhibit at the Homebuilding & Renovating show.

Graf UK has evolved in a relatively short time from the award-winning European market leader in rainwater harvesting systems to also supply wastewater treatment and stormwater management systems and above-ground garden tanks and containers that are as eye-catching as they are functional. Working to the philosophy “Rainwater is free”, their full package comprises design, supply, installation, commissioning and maintenance for one-off private builds and extensions to multiple-plot developments.


As a member of the UK Rainwater Management Association, Graf UK keeps abreast of all regulations and ensures that every product and service provided meets global market expectations with German-engineered technical expertise and experience dating back more than 50 years. Supplied via builders merchants throughout the UK, as well as specialist partners and stockists of rainwater harvesting and wastewater treatment products, the extensive and innovative Graf UK portfolio can also include bespoke products to help ensure self-builds really stand out.