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At Eclisse UK, we are able to supply one of the largest ranges of pocket door systems you will find anywhere. Imagine opening up and closing off different areas of your layout in an instant, with doors that are there when you need them, and slide into the wall when you don’t. That’s the beauty of pocket doors! Because the doors slide into the wall, the doors themselves do not take up valuable space in the room when they are open, unlike traditional hinged doors.

Our range includes single and double pocket door systems, telescopic systems for a wider passage opening, circular pocket door systems and pocket door systems with tempered glass doors that can be patterned, coloured or even hand painted with intricate designs. Our friendly customer service team will be more than happy to discuss your requirements and to talk through the product options.

We supply two styles of pocket door system:

  • The Classic Collection which requires finishing with decorative architrave
  • The Syntesis® Flush Collection which is architrave free

  The Classic style The Syntesis® Flush style

Products in the Classic Collection:

  • ECLISSE Classic Single Pocket Door System (non fire-rated and FD30)
  • ECLISSE Classic Double Pocket Door System (non fire-rated and FD30)
  • ECLISSE Classic Telescopic Pocket Door System – Single and Double
  • ECLISSE Classic Curved Pocket Door System – Single and Double
  • ECLISSE Unilateral – two Single Pocket Doors into the Same Pocket
  • ECLISSE Novanta – Half Pocket Half Hinged System
  • ECLISSE Classic Glass Pocket Door System – Single and Double

Products in the Syntesis® Flush Collection:

  • ECLISSE Syntesis® Flush Single Pocket Door System
  • ECLISSE Syntesis® Flush Double Pocket Door System
  • ECLISSE Syntesis® Flush Single Hinged System – Push and Pull
  • ECLISSE Syntesis® Flush Double Hinged System
  • ECLISSE Syntesis® Flush Riser
  • ECLISSE Syntesis® Flush Skirting Board Adapter
  • ECLISSE Syntesis® Flush Glass Pocket Door System – Single and Double

Company info:

Established in 2001 ECLISSE UK has been the driving force in the development and growth of the pocket door market in the UK. Now our pocket door systems are being installed every day, all over the country, not just by forward thinking developers but as a desirable and logical solution to everyday problems with space and light. Many of the major house builders use ECLISSE systems, as do major architects, designers, builders and developers. You’ll find them everywhere, in luxury hotels, stunning designer houses, practical self builds, commercial offices and affordable housing. 

In response to this growth we have recently opened a showroom at the Business Design Centre in Islington, London. The showroom is divided into two areas with our ECLISSE Classic Collection of pocket doors (finished with architrave) occupying the left hand side of the space and the ECLISSE Syntesis® Flush Collection of architrave free pocket and concealed frame hinged doors occupying the right.

How to request a showroom visit: To book an appointment please call us on 01476 249528 or click on this link.

Showroom Address: Business Design Centre, Future of Doors –ECLISSE | KARIS, Unit 125, 52 Upper St, London, N1 0QH

Richmond House
2 Occupation Lane
Gonerby Moor
NG32 2BP

0333 5770828

Eclisse regularly exhibit at Homebuilding & Renovating Show and other self-build exhibitions. Keep checking their website to see where they are exhibiting next. It is a great opportunity to see their full-sized demonstration models of: Classic Single Pocket Door System, Classic Double Pocket Door System, Syntesis® Flush Single Pocket Door System, Syntesis® Flush Hinged Door System and Glass Pocket Door System

The Eclisse team will be delighted to talk to you about how their range of door systems could add value to your build project.