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Do you want to build your next home but don’t know how?

Building your own home is exciting & it makes financial sense, but it can be complex & time consuming, especially if you lack experience.

An easyselfbuild is for people who desire to build their own home, but are frustrated by their lack of knowledge, time, skill or all three.

By providing you with expert guidance before & during the biggest part of your project, plus a robust, easy-to-build timber frame, your new home build will take less time, energy & effort, to be memorable for all the right reasons.

An easyselfbuild is:

  • Reduced complexity, labour costs and build times, without compromising the quality of construction
  • Created by architects and builders with decades of house building experience
  •  Expert support on your site, for you or your team when it’s needed
  • A carefully detailed, timber frame tailored to your home design
  • Practical- using proven, robust methods but requiring only basic tools
  • A way to achieve the thermal performance of a passive house, without the associated cost

easy self build
Chapel House
The Hill
Kirkby In Ashfield
NG17 8JR

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