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About us

IQ Furniture are able to provide bespoke wardrobes to fit any space within your bedroom. Creating a bespoke wardrobe is very simple, as long as the space is measured you can then choose the doors and interior.

Measuring your space is ideal so that your new wardrobe will fit the required space perfectly. IQ Furniture are able to assist with this and can also create a 3D render of how the room will look with your chosen wardrobe in case any changes are wanted.

After the wardrobe has been measured to fit the living space, IQ then suggest you choose the fascia style of the doors that can either be hinged, sliding or flush-sliding. After choosing the mechanism, you are able to select from a wide range of colours, finishes and handles to make your dream wardrobe.

Choosing the interior of your wardrobe is one of the most important parts of creating your bespoke wardrobe. IQ Furniture can integrate a range of internal fittings and fixtures to meet the clients required storage needs such as drawers, shelves and display cases for belts, shoes and trousers. Hanging bars with built-in lights are also available. As a brand, IQ have a keen eye for precious details including mats for drawers and boxes for shirts, these are made from either leather or fabric.

IQ Furniture Nur Hinge and Fina Sliding Door wardrobes are just two examples from their extensive wardrobe range. These wardrobes have a wide range of finishes and door materials making them the perfect choice for all home owners.