34 Modern Extension Ideas to Inspire a Contemporary Addition to Your Home

modern extension ideas for a rural home
(Image credit: van Ellen + Sheryn)

There are modern extension ideas to suit every home if you look hard enough, no matter if you are building an extension to a new or period home. There is absolutely nothing to say that extensions have to match the building they are being added to. While matching materials for an extension can undoubtedly result in some seamless and very sympathetic additions, it can also produce some spectacularly bad results. 

The worst ‘matching’ extensions involve ugly visible seams where old and new meet, materials that almost, but don’t quite, look the same, rooflines that sit awkwardly together and windows with different frames to those used in the originals.

Daisy Jeffery

Daisy was Features Editor on Homebuilding & Renovating magazine for more than five years and had a passion for all things design. She has since moved on to pastures new.