Living Walls: How to Install a Vertical Garden

living walls installed in a london garden
(Image credit: PlantBox / A Greener London)

There’s a lot to be said for the benefits of living walls for the right home. What may seem like style over substance to some can be a valuable addition to others. This is especially the case in urban properties where space is in short supply and there’s no natural connection to, well, nature, or when replacing lost green space to ensure an eco house retains its biophilic credentials. 

Living walls are available both as professionally installed systems and on a DIY basis, and having had experience in installing both in projects, I can tell you there’s quite a difference between the two in terms of the sophistication of their systems and the likelihood of their eventual survival. 

Luke Arthur Wells

Luke Arthur Wells is an award-winning interiors blogger and stylist. His blog has been one of Vuelio's top 10 interior blogs for four years running, and he recently won the Best Creative Skill category at the Amara Interior Blog Awards. Luke has worked with some of the UK's biggest brands, from John Lewis and Made to Farrow & Ball and B&Q. He's a big DIYer, and loves coming up with creative woodwork projects for his home, a Victorian terrace renovation in Essex.