Package build or kit home companies aim to provide a stress-free building process, where the home is fully specified at the design stage then often prefabricated off site. This leads to a quick and efficient build process with fewer unexpected surprises — and thus more certainty when setting the budget.

Kit homes are no longer limited to a series of pictures chosen from a brochure. Bespoke options are available, while off-the-shelf designs can be altered to ensure they suit your lifestyle needs.


A German package supplier has constructed this property to have outstanding green credentials

  • Supplier: Baufritz
  • Build cost: £450,000 (£2,432/m²)
  • Location: West Sussex

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A low-energy, contemporary home was built using an innovative dry construction technique

  • Supplier: Facit Homes
  • Build cost: £312,000 (£1,560/m²)
  • Location: Hertfordshire

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Constructed in just three months, this eco-friendly log house features internal walls clad in wood

  • Supplier: Log Cabin UK
  • Build cost: £180,000 (£1,059/m²)
  • Location: Derbyshire

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This new build replacement dwelling is rendered in through-coloured white with silver-grey painted larch above

  • Supplier: Baufritz
  • Build cost: £2,300/m²
  • Location: Surrey

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Potton contemporary self designed home

This self-designed home was produced as a timber kit from conceptual drawings by the homeowners

  • Supplier: Potton
  • Build cost: £398,000 (£1,396/m²)
  • Location: Isle of Man

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This timber frame, single-storey property was designed for the founder of package company Potton to look like two connected barns

  • Supplier: Potton
  • Build cost: £650,000 (£1,625/m²)
  • Location: Bedfordshire

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Designed by Julian Bluck Designs Ltd., this traditional-style house is constructed using an oak frame

  • Supplier: Oakwrights
  • Build cost: £500,000 (£1,684/m²)
  • Location: Kent

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‘Minister’s Walk’ was constructed as a bespoke timber frame kit, where an off-the-shelf design has been customised for the homeowners needs

  • Supplier: Firefly Wood
  • Build cost: £225,600 (£1,376/m²)
  • Location: Scottish Borders

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This property claims to be the UK’s first carbon-positive house, using natural materials and building methods

  • Supplier: Baufritz
  • Build cost: £625,000 (£2,050/m²)
  • Location: Cornwall

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This Passivhaus home has been simply rendered in off white to fit in an Area of Natural Beauty

  • Supplier: Hanse Haus
  • Build cost: £400,000 (£1,600/m²)
  • Location: Somerset

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This oak frame cottage has been constructed using SIPs for a quick build, while maintaining period style with a traditional porch

  • Supplier: Border Oak
  • Build cost: £200,000 (£909/m²)
  • Location: Cambridgeshire

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Constructed from red brick, the exterior of this country property shows Georgian and Queen Ann-style influences

  • Supplier: Potton
  • Build cost: £380,000 (£1,105/m²)
  • Location: Salisbury

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This barn-style build contrasts Cor-ten steel with Kebony timber cladding

  • Supplier: Hanse Haus
  • Cost: £746,000 (£1,445/m²)
  • Location: Gloucestershire

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