Glass rooflights can be expertly used to enhance light and space within any given building project; whether standard or bespoke, the choice of options are now greater than ever and can be expertly used to bring the natural beauty of the outside in.

There are many opportunities to incorporate glazing solutions into residential properties; rooflights can be used as a central design feature to create a modern, contemporary feel or simply be used as a source of light for single property renovations with minimal space to extend.

Considerations for the implementation of glass rooflights

Regardless of the project and inspiration, there are many considerations when it comes to choosing the appropriate glass rooflight:

  • Where is the rooflight being installed?
  • Glare and solar gain considerations, what glass should you use?
  • What is it being used for? Daylight, ventilation or access?
  • What do you want the rooflight to achieve?

In addition, the following factors should also be considered about the building type and its location within that building:

  • What function does the rooflight perform?
  • Will the rooflight be subject to foot traffic?
  • Will it be positioned where it is subject to high thermal stress?
  • Can something fall on the glass?
  • Is it easy to clean?
  • Will it cause an obstruction to other parts of the building?
  • What preparations should be made to the roof structure in order to adequately support the rooflight?
  • If the rooflight opens, do the electrics and transformers need to be housed within the building fabric?
  • What is the lead-time and how may this affect other trades such as plasterers, roofers or electricians?
  • Will any of these considerations affect the glass I need?

Glass rooflight products in practice

 The following case studies demonstrate how different glass rooflight products have been put into practice; each glazing product displays unique advantages to their chosen environment.

It is important to consider the options available when accommodating for your chosen rooflight product. Some builds require a free standing box in the middle of the terrace, others would best suit a unit that can be positioned above the stairwell, or another may need the rooflight to work specifically for smoke ventilation.

 Walk on Rooflight

Berkeley Homes was a prestigious collection of three impressive contemporary 4/5 bedroom apartments at Terrace Yard, Richmond. The development has been meticulously built by Berkeley to its award-winning standards, with the sumptuous new homes designed by the international interior designer Chris Dezille, founder and owner of Honky Design. Contemporary interiors flow seamlessly throughout the homes demonstrating their stunning accommodation and flexibility. The use of a walk on rooflight has brought an elegant touch to the cleverly designed outdoor space and is used to generate natural daylight through to the lounge below.

A fixed modular Flushglaze rooflight with a walk on specification to comply with building regulations loading requirements, was used to achieve the quality and finish expected of such a high specification development.

This walk-on glass rooflights brings daylight to below ground rooms

Product used: flushglaze fixed rooflight
Dimensions: 4865mm x 1510mm [overall weathered upstand]

Fully opening skylight

This property on Owlstone Road consisted of an uplifting renovation to a drab and dreary existing kitchen and diner area, with the additional design challenge to not significantly increase the floor space. The main feature of the space was an

electrically operated fully opening skylight which allows natural light to be brought into the main living space. In a very densely populated area with space a premium, this approach has brought light and importantly sunshine into the west facing property. The skylight has created views of the sky above and beyond the neighbouring terraced properties and enclosed garden space.


Product used: skyglide sliding rooflight
Dimensions: 2000mm x 1500mm

Eaves flushglaze rooflight

The location of this RIBA award-winning new build remained a strong focal point

throughout the entire project, with design plans intended to accentuate the stunning views of the River Alde. As much outdoor space as possible was incorporated into the design using a bespoke ‘eaves’ Flushglaze rooflight to make the most of natural daylight.This was positioned within the stairwell, enabling light to flood a typically dark, enclosed space using horizontal and vertical sections of glass.The homeowner’s requirement for peace and tranquility was fulfilled, primarily due to the carefully planned use of light and space throughout the design build.


Product used: Flushglaze Eaves Rooflight
Dimensions: 3650mm x 1685mm

 As demonstrated in these properties, glass rooflights are the perfect solution for creating a seamless integration between indoor and outdoor space, where natural light can often be disrupted.

Whether you are looking to install a glass rooflight for aesthetic, lighting or access purposes, rooflights in all shapes and sizes are rapidly growing in availability due to what they offer in terms of both space and property value.

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