Cool Light vs Warm Light: Which Should I Choose?

cool light vs warm light in a kitchen lighting design
(Image credit: Ingrid Rassmussen/Verity Woolfe c/o John Cullen Lighting)

When it comes to choosing between cool light vs warm light for your home's lighting design, there's no definitive rules as such that you have to follow. While in this guide we'll look at the characteristics of each kind of light and the areas of the home each is best suited to, it really does come down to personal preference and what you want your lighting scheme to achieve. 

It's important to remember that not only does the colour temperature of light affect the aesthetics of your home, but plays a role with your body's relationship with sleep and alertness, meaning that making the right choice is essential to your health and wellbeing while in your home. 

Hugh Metcalf

Hugh is editor of sister title and former digital editor of He has worked on a range of home, design and property magazines, including Grand Designs, Essential Kitchens, Bathrooms, Bedrooms and Good Homes. Hugh has developed a passion for modern architecture and green homes, and moonlights as an interior designer, having designed and managed projects ranging from single rooms to whole house renovations and large extensions. He's currently renovating his own Victorian terrace in Essex, DIYing as much of the work as possible. He's recently finished his kitchen renovation, which involved knocking through walls, and landscaping a courtyard garden, and is currently working on a bathroom renovation.