Strong gale force winds, driving rain and then a dusting of snow arrive just as attention focuses on the roof — typical! At least everything is more or less watertight now as temporary plastic sheeting is stretched across the window and door openings ready for fitting once the roofing materials are on.

weathertight oak frame in the snow
close up of a snowy roof oak frame with battens

The rafter feet are fashioned and attached to provide a simple open eaves detail. They’ve been made from locally sourced and milled western red cedar, the same timber that is being used for the external weatherboarding, barge boards and fascias. It’s lightweight, stable and long lasting mainly because of the natural oils it contains. Smells pretty nice too…

end detail of eaves and fascia board
eaves and timber ends of the roof

Counter battens are fixed directly to the SIPs roof panels, pinning down the roof felt, followed by the slating batten and then the slates themselves, so all straightforward and quick. What does slow things down is the installation of the solar PV array, Velux roof lights and the dormer window details.

Whisper it quietly, but it starting to look like a real house.

snow covered slate roof with solar panels
slated roof with battens and solar panels
slating a roof in the snow

About the author:

Rob Dawson built a stunning oak frame home in 2009 for less than £100,000. He is now the owner and founder of Castle Ring Oak Frame.