Beautiful stone fireplace ideas for any design scheme

stone fireplace in oak frame living room with bluel-shaped sofa and garden views through patio doors
This subtle stone fireplace makes a statement but also ensures the oak frame, by Border Oak, takes centre stage. (Image credit: Jeremy Phillips)

Although you may associate stone fireplace ideas with very traditional and grand houses, or with ski lodges surrounded by snowy peaks, don't discount them if it is a more contemporary look you are after — they can work equally well. 

The good news for anyone after fireplace ideas is that there is definitely no shortage of them out there. From elegant and refined to those that are designed to shout loudly from a design perspective in the room they grace. 

Here, we focus on stone fireplace ideas — timeless, durable, elegant and suitable for all kinds of interior design schemes. Take a look through our collection to get your imagination going and you will be well on the way to creating a new focal point in your home that will give an instant hit of character and warmth. 

Selecting the right stone fireplace ideas for your home

Stone fireplaces might be a traditional feature but don't let that fool you into thinking your options will be restricted to old-fashioned or classic designs only. There are literally hundreds of modern options around, from eye-catching tiled fireplace ideas to sleek and simple hole-in-the-wall styles.

Of course there is nothing to say that you can't install an elegant period fireplace in a contemporary home — sometimes this kind of contrast can result in some of the most striking end results. 

Finally, if you are renovating and are lucky enough to discover an original stone fireplace or inglenook hidden away behind the walls, do everything you can to restore it to its former glory — even if you don't intend on using it for an open fire, fitting it with a woodburning stove or simply using it for storage can work just as well. 

1. Use split face stone for a contemporary look

split face stone tiled fireplace in living room

(Image credit: Tile Mountain)

Split face stone tiles are made up of pieces of natural stone, cut into linear strips before being arranged and fixed in a staggered pattern. They give a really striking effect when used as chimney breast ideas, particularly when they reach right from the floor to the ceiling. 

Here, Sparkle Ice Grey Split Face Mosaic Tiles from Tile Mountain have been used. They are designed to be interlocking, meaning they are easy to install, are made from natural metamorphic rock and cost £52.95/m2.

2. Use your fireplace for an elegant finish

elegant stone fireplace in the bathroom

(Image credit: Clearwater)

Certain features really take the luxury factor of a house up a notch — and a fireplace in the bathroom is most definitely one of them.

If you are lucky enough to have a bathroom fireplace, be sure to use a fresh, elegant design that complements the style of the sanitaryware. In this beautiful bathroom, the Clearwater Lonio Natural Stone Bath is matched perfectly by the painted white and marble swagged design of the fireplace. 

3. Don't discount sandstone in a contemporary setting

sandstone fireplace in fresh living room

(Image credit: The Painted Furniture Company)

Sandstone is a fantastic choice when it comes to fireplace design, being very soft and subtle in its appearance. It has as uncanny knack of being able to slide seamlessly into both classic and contemporary settings and suits both simple designs as well as chunky and more elaborate forms.

The fireplace in this space should prove to anyone looking for modern living room ideas how well this stone can work — it suits the fresh, symmetrical finish of the room perfectly and provides a focal point.

4. Discover the versatility of limestone

white stone fire surround with two white armchairs

(Image credit: Chesneys)

Limestone is a stone that can be styled to suit pretty much any kind of interior scheme as it is available in so many colour and pattern varieties. 

Here, a Portuguese limestone has been used, fresh white and with simple lines and gentle curves. Made by Chesneys, the fireplace is designed to fit in with both modern and more traditional spaces — plus it pairs brilliantly with a stove. It costs £1,999.

5. Be bold with an Art Deco design

art deco stone fireplace

(Image credit: Haddonstone)

Art Deco is a style that is all about making a big, bold statements — and with the fireplace taking such an important role as a focal point, this statement can be more pronounced than ever. 

From brave patterns, eye-catching furniture and glamorous flourishes, if you want to make an impression and are drawn to this look, the fireplace is a great place to start. This Deco Fireplace from Haddonstone features bold geometric lines — perfect for classic and contemporary style homes alike. It costs £1,395 including hearth blocks and slips, as well as the top mantel.

6. Create wow with a full-height fireplace

full height bath stone fireplace in renovation project

(Image credit: Marptree and Stuart Cox)

Fireplaces that span from floor to ceiling make instant focal points and, when crafted from a material as beautiful as natural stone, exude elegance and style.

In this renovation project, the striking Bath stone fireplace in the bedroom had been covered up behind plasterboard before the lucky owners discovered it and brought it back up to scratch. 

7. Combine wood and marble for a fresh scheme

white wooden and marble fire surrond

(Image credit: Norsu Interiors)

Combining stone with other materials can not only look brilliant, but it is also a good option for those on a budget who might be concerned about the price tag of a solid stone fireplace or who are looking for matelpiece ideas with a difference. Timber and cast iron are popular materials to use with stone.

Here, a white-painted timber mantel has been used in conjunction with a marble fire surround for a beautifully simple and fresh result. 

8. Cut costs with a cast stone fireplace

cast stone white fireplace

(Image credit: Haddonstone)

Solid stone fireplaces are not the cheapest option — although they really enhance a home. A slightly more cost-effect choice is to opt for a cast stone fireplace instead. 

Cast stone is durable and strong and also looks great. Made from natural aggregates, a cementitious binder, water and pigments for colour, many fireplaces are now made from this material. 

Haddonstone's Louis XV Fireplace, is made from cast stone and features a shaped apron, mouldings and shell decoration. It costs £1,795.

9. Appreciate the beauty of marble

marble fireplace

(Image credit: Chesneys)

Marble comes in all kinds of colours and patterns, making it a great material for fireplaces of all shapes and styles. 

In this example, The Chedworth, from Chesneys, made from Derbyshire quarried Ball Eye Blue, has been used along with English Portland stone mouldings. It is shown here with a slate hearth and their Soho polished steel fire basket which has been paired with the Alchemy Bioethanol log fire. It costs between £2,295 – £4,980 depending on the material selection. 

10. Go for modern style with a stone hole-in-the-wall fireplace

contemporary marble hole in the wall fireplace

(Image credit: Caffe Latte)

Not all stone fireplaces are classic in their design — in fact, some of the most contemporary designs around are made from stone. From hole-in-the-wall styles to sleek and simple cubist surrounds, stone is a very versatile material. 

Here, the chimney breast has been clad in marble, with a long, narrow slot style fireplace housing a striking coal-effect firebed. 

11. Keep it classic and simple

simple classic style fireplace

(Image credit: Haddonstone)

Your fireplace need not steal all the attention in your living room. Sometimes, it is better to have several focal points rather than just one and this is where a more subtle, classic fireplace design is preferable. 

This Classic Fireplace, from Haddonstone, is part of their Robert A.M. Stern Collection and is made from their TecLite material to make installation easier. It costs £1,349, including hearth. 

12. Combine a woodburner with a stone hearth

stone hearth with woodburning stove

(Image credit: Haddonstone)

If it is fireplace hearth ideas you are after, you should seriously consider stone — it is one of the best hearth materials around. 

When selecting a hearth for use with a stove, bear in mind that it should be raised from the normal floor finish to identify it, and project at least 50mm from the stove sides and 300mm from the front of the stove.

The hearth here is from Haddonstone and is made from cast stone. It costs £305.

13. Take care when restoring original features

bath stone fireplace in living room

(Image credit: Marptree and Stuart Cox)

If you are lucky enough to find an original fireplace in your renovation project, do all you can to save it. Opening up a fireplace is a job that many people undertake on a DIY basis and very often it can simply be a case of prising off a sheet of old hardboard to reveal a hidden feature.

This beautiful old Bath stone fireplace had been covered with plasterboard and has been restored to its former glory.  

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