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Best Electric Showers: A Round Up of The Top Buys Available

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what is the best electric shower
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In order to choose the best electric shower for your needs, it is vital to get to know the differences between the various types of showers you will see on offer. Understanding a little bit about how they work, alongside their plumbing and fitting requirements, will help you to make a fully informed decision and ensure you get the very most out of your new shower. 

Wondering how electric showers work? Let us explain. They take cold water, pass it over an electric heating element in the unit, then mix it back in with a little cold water in order to reach your set temperature. 

Unlike mixer showers and power showers, electric showers only require a cold water feed. This makes them a popular option with those who have small hot water tanks, who want hot water on demand (no need to wait for the water to heat up) and for anyone looking for a quick and non-disruptive route to installing a new shower. 

Electric showers are connected directly to your mains feed, as opposed to relying on a hot water feed from your boiler, for example. They also work well for those with combi boilers, although they can be used with other types of boiler too. 

In order to choose the best electric shower for you, it is also important to consider these points:

  • You will need a flow rate of at least 8 litres per minute
  • At mains entry, water needs a minimum running pressure of 1 bar
  • Static pressure of your water must not exceed 10 bar

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Which is the Best Electric Shower?

does triton have the best electric shower

(Image credit: Amazon UK)

Triton Showers MOSV01SG Seville Universal Electric Shower, 10.5 KW

Reasonably priced and easy to fit and use

Showerhead functions: One
Dimensions: 58 x 26 x 17 cm
Wattage: 10.5kW
Weight: 2.6kg
Colour/Finish: White
Reasons to buy
+Separate flow and temp controls+Eco option+Low cost+Easy to install
Reasons to avoid
-Only one spray pattern

This shower consistently receives rave reviews — and for good reason. The first is the very reasonable price tag that belies the great performance of this product.

Then there is the fact that it is so simple to install, both as a new shower as well as a replacement, with the multiple cable and water entry points making it compatible for most situations. 

While some people might prefer more in the way of spray patterns and knobs and dials, one of the best things about this shower are how simple it is to operate, as well as its quiet operation and inoffensive appearance that will suit all kinds of bathrooms. 

does bristan have the best electric shower

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Bristan BL385 W 8.5 kW Bliss 3 Electric Shower

Contemporary design with touch controls

Showerhead functions: Multiple
Dimensions: 19.5 x 7 x 30.5cm
Wattage: 8.5kW
Weight: 3.24kg
Colour/Finish: White
Reasons to buy
+Anti-limescale features+Warm up mode lets you know when desired temp is reached+Designed to suit retrofits+Family safe features
Reasons to avoid
-Slightly more expensive

Definitely one of the best electric shower options for those after a sleek and contemporary new bathroom design. The Bristan BL385 not only looks the part, with its LED display and flush, minimal controls, but it also performs brilliantly. 

This a great solution for anyone looking for a replacement electric shower as its  footprint has been designed to cover existing installations, matching the electric and water inlets, as well as the fixing holes, providing the old model is from a UK brand.

The digital display and touch-button power make using the shower a breeze, whilst the warm-up function features a flashing light that indicates when the desired temperature has been reached — ideal for chilly mornings. 

This is a shower that has a temperature stabilising device although professional installation will ensure this.

Safety devices such as the thermal cut out and pressure relief should reassure those with young children, and the built-in soap tray and integral hose retainer are handy extras. 

does mira have the best electric shower

(Image credit: Mira Showers)

Mira Showers 1.1634.156 MIRA AZORA Electric Shower

Seriously stylish dual-head electric shower

Showerhead functions: Single
Dimensions: 36.7 x 23.3 x 10cm
Wattage: 9.8kW
Weight: 7.8kg
Colour/Finish: Frosted glass
Reasons to buy
+Good looks+Dual showerheads+High-tech features+
Reasons to avoid

This beautiful electric shower from Mira is a real showstopper. With its frosted glass finish and dual showerheads, this is a stylish step up from your average electric shower, although this is reflected in its higher price tag.

The Mira Azora Dual features thermostatic temperature stability along with an array of other high tech features, including Clearscale technology that offers a 50% reduction in limescale build up, Sensi-flo technology to prevent scalding and phased shutdown to flush hot water from the tank — a feature to look out for in order to ensure the next user isn't scalded. 

You can divert between the two heads, opting for either the 200mm overhead shower or the 90mm handset, making it ideal for family bathrooms where practicality is key. 

does triton have the best electric shower

(Image credit: Triton)

Triton T100xr Electric Shower

Inexpensive yet stylish and reliable

Showerhead functions: Five
Dimensions: 21.2 x 30.9 x 9.5cm
Wattage: 9.5kW
Weight: Unspecified
Colour: Chrome/White
Reasons to buy
+Easy to install+Lower price+Simple to operate+Phased shutdown
Reasons to avoid
-Lacks high-tech features of some other models

With its simple, slimline design and very reasonable price tag, the Triton T100XR offers plenty of features for those after a great, easy-to-install electric shower. 

Along with the all-important phased shutdown, operation is simple thanks to the push button control.

The showerhead features an impressive choice of five spray patterns, while the curved chrome riser rail and 110mm diameter head bely the lower price of this model.

For those retrofitting an electric shower, the replacement installation trim offered separately means installation should be seamless — plus the unit has been praised by those who already have it in their possession for how simple and fast it is to fit. 

In short, this is a highly rated electric shower, offering good flow rate and consistent temperature. Don't be put off by the lack of fancy technology — sometimes simple is best.

does aqualisa have the best electric shower

(Image credit: Aqualisa)

Aqualisa QZE10501 Quartz Electric shower

Stylish and high performance

Showerhead functions: Five
Dimensions: ‎46 x 26.5 x 14cm
Wattage: 10.5kW
Weight: 3.3kg
Colour: Graphite, Silver or Gloss White
Reasons to buy
+Stylish looking+Consistent temperature+Easy to operate+Easy-to-clean showerhead
Reasons to avoid
-Higher price tag than some others

The Aqualisa Quartz Electric not only boasts good looks, but it also performs exceptionally well.

Operation is through a simple push button, with temperature controlled via a 'smooth glide' dial. The 105mm showerhead features a pleasing five spray patterns, ranging from invigorating jets to gentle bubbles and it is also available in a choice of three contemporary finishes, including graphite, silver and gloss white. 

Safety shouldn't be an issue thanks to Aqualisa's 'Over Temperature Protection' feature that protects users from selecting temperatures that are too hot, quickly overriding the selection and stabilising it — ideal for those with young children in the household.  Phased shutdown is also included. 

does aqualisa have the best electric shower

(Image credit: Amazon UK)

6. Aqualisa QZE9511 Quartz Electric Shower, 9.5 W, Graphite

Bold styling with lots of features

Showerhead functions: Five
Dimensions: 46 x 26.5 x 14cm
Wattage: 9.5kW
Weight: 3.3kg
Colour: Graphite
Reasons to buy
+Stylish design+Over temperature protection+Smooth operation+Limescale protection system
Reasons to avoid
-More complex installation than some models

This is a serious stylish, contemporary electric shower that would not look out of place in the most modern of new bathrooms.

The Aqualisa QZE9511 Quartz Electric Shower is actually available in three shades, but we happen to love the moody quartz shade and the way it suits the current trend for bold colours in the bathroom.

Looks aside, this is in our list of the best electric showers for many other reasons. These include the delayed shutdown that flushes the system clear for a few seconds after the unit is turned off — thus eliminating limescale build up.

Then there is the smooth glide control and LED indicator that shows you when the water is at your desired temperature. The nozzles are easy to clean and 'over temperature protection' system means it is safe for the whole family to use. 

How to Buy the Best Electric Shower

Different features will attract different people when it comes to choosing the best electric shower. 

Families with young children should look out for showers with safety features that prevent the shower from being set at dangerously high temperatures or that automatically correct the thermostat when pressure changes.

It is also a good idea to look out for models with 'phased shutdown'. This is a feature that means the shower runs for several seconds after being turned off in order to get rid of any hot water remaining in the unit and protecting the next user from being scalded. All the models here have phased shutdown.

Although electric showers were once thought of as being less attractive than power showers or gravity fed models, this is no longer the case — as our round up shows, there are plenty of stylish and contemporary options out there, although admittedly they do tend to cost a little more than the more basic models. 

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