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Best Cordless Strimmer: 5 Top Tools to Achieve a Pristine Lawn

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Best cordless strimmer guide
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Strimmers are great tools for tackling certain areas of your garden that lawn mowers can't reach, and the best cordless strimmers have the added benefit of not being restrained by the nearest power socket, which is ideal for those with larger gardens and those who just hate having to dance around cables.

Cordless strimmers can pack plenty of power too, and the onboard lithium batteries ensure enough usage time to complete your tasks before another charge is required. Say goodbye to overhanging grass and shrubs and say hello to trim flowers and pristine lawns.

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You can also browse our guide to the best best strimmers for corded options, but if a cordless strimmer is your preferred choice then take a look through our guide to the best machines available now. 

Best Cordless Strimmers

The Black+Decker STC1820PC-GB is one of the best cordless strimmers

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1. Black+Decker STC1820PC-GB

The best cordless strimmer overall

Power: 18V | Weight: 2.6kg | Cutting width: 28cm | Edging: Yes

Turbo + eco modes
Comfortable to use
Automatic feed
Not the fastest charge time
Mostly suited for smaller gardens

The Black+Decker STC1820PC-GB is our favourite all-round strimmer, so it would be damned disrespectful not to have it as our favourite cordless strimmer. 

Courtesy of Black+Decker's E-drive technology, this strimmer offers a turbo mode to cut through tough weeds, light shrubs and long grass, while there's an eco setting for lighter gardening work. 

It comes with a 18V battery, has an impressive cutting speed of up to 7,400 RPM, and is fitted with an easily adjustable secondary handle to give you additional control while trimming. There's also an automatic cord feed so you won't need to bend down and stop when the cord slips too.

The battery takes around 4-to-5 hours to fully charge and can run for roughly 30 minutes.

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Is the Karcher LTR 18–25 the best cordless strimmer?

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2. Karcher Lawn Trimmer LTR 18–25

A top-drawer all-rounder

Power: 18V | Weight: 1.6kg | Cutting width: 25cm (30cm available) | Edging: Yes

Reliable cutting thread
Great LED screen
Good battery life
Slow to charge

Better known for making some of the best pressure washers, Karcher's foray into strimmers is an impressive one. The LTR 18-30 does everything really well, even if it doesn't excel in one category. 

It's performance is impressive due to the cutting thread - which adjusts automatically - easily and reliably trimming lawn edges on flower beds, paths and patios. You can choose from two cutting widths too: the 25cm model is incredibly lightweight at 1.6kg; the 30cm model comes in at 2.5kg. 

Its LCD screen must be mentioned too, displaying the remaining running time and required charging time - a very user-friendly touch. It runs for roughly half an hour on a full charge. 

There's also a telescopic handle and pivoting head, as well as a fold-out plant guard to stop you from straying too far into your shrubs. 

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Is the Stihl FSA 57 the best cordless strimmer?

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3. Stihl FSA 57 Compact Battery Strimmer

The best strimmer for a quiet life

Power: 36V | Weight: 3.5kg | Cutting width: 28cm | Edging: Yes

Adjustable shaft
Effective on overgrown areas

Strimmers can be noisy things, but this Stihl model bucks the trend. It runs surprisingly quietly with minimal vibrations courtesy of the German brand's quiet technology. It's pretty effective on tough jobs too. 

The FSA57 is a smooth running machine that isn't the lightest, but features an ergonomic design which includes an adjustable shaft at the touch of a button for ease of use. You won't feel like you've had an intense gym sesh at the end of the day, and we appreciate that. 

There's a bump feed for the 1.6mm spool, with the option to switch to alternative mowing blades. And the AK10 battery lasts around 25 minutes on a full charge. 

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Is the Bosch UniversalGrassCut 18-26 the best cordless strimmer?

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4. Bosch UniversalGrassCut 18-26

The best strimmer for comfort and ease of use

Power: 18V | Weight: 2.7kg | Cutting width: 26cm | Edging: Yes

Very comfortable to use
Clever design
Automatic line feed
Not the best cut accuracy

The second of two entries from our best overall strimmers guide, the UniversalGrassCut is probably the best strimmer around for ergonomic design. It keeps your back straight while you strim, and has a V-shaped handle which can be adjusted according to your height. 

It's not the easiest to perform an accurate cut, but what you lose in super-precision you gain in features: there's a clever foot pedal button and handle twist to make it easier to switch between edging and trimming, and the InteliFEED feature automatically feeds the spool line for interrupted work without manual adjustments.

After an hour's charge, the battery life is roughly 40 minutes. 

Buy the Bosch UniversalGrassCut 18-26 Cordless Grass Trimmer

Is the Greenworks G24LT the best cordless strimmer?

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5. Greenworks G24LT Cordless Line Trimmer (Tool Only)

The best budget strimmer

Power: 24V | Weight: 2.1kg | Cutting width: 25cm | Edging: Yes

Easy to use
Battery sold separately

For a cheap and cheerful machine that does the basics brilliantly you can't do better than this strimmer from Greenworks. 

The second-lightest machine on this list, it's easy to move around as you take on grass and weeds, and the 25cm cutting width is generous indeed for the price. It also has an adjustable telescopic shaft for increased comfort, and it can be turned into an edger by simply rotating the shaft.

A drawback is that you have to buy the Greenworks 24 Li-ion battery separately, but once you do you can use them for every 24V Greenworks tool - so you can recharge one battery while using a second one in another machine.

Buy the Greenworks G24LT Cordless Line Trimmer

How to Choose the Best Cordless Strimmer

Unsure of the key criteria for picking your cordless strimmer? Here's a quick guide of what to look out for. 

Batteries and running time

Corded and petrol strimmers work on continuous power, but cordless strimmers will require infrequent charges. Any batteries of 36V are generally suitable for medium and low-level gardening tasks, like trimming overgrown grass, but for larger tasks and heavy duty strimming you'll probably need a more powerful battery. 


If you need a cordless strimmer for the occasional trimming job, then you'll want to get something lighter. Lightweight strimmers are more likely to have a lower run time than medium and larger strimmers.

The line-and-spool plastic

Keep a look out for strimmers with bump and auto-feeds, which push out more line automatically, saving you the time and effort of fiddling with the spool to get more out each time.

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