How much does a new garage door cost?

iroko garage doors
Garage door costs will depend on your whether or not you need a bespoke size as well as the material (Image credit: Urban Front)

Wondering how much a new garage door costs?  We're here to help, whether you are looking for a cost-effective quick fix or something to really set your home apart from the others on the street.  

Your choice of garage design, and in particular the door you opt to fit it with, can have a massive impact on the kerb appeal of your home as a whole, whether your garage is attached to your house or not — so it is important to get it spot on. 

There are so many different types of garage door around, both in terms of materials as well as operation mechanisms and sizes, that it can be hard to know where to begin when choosing, from basic metal up-and-over doors to sturdy side hinged timber designs. 

Here, we take a look at what all the various options are likely to set you back to make choosing a little easier. 

Garage door costs: The highs and lows

The price you pay for your garage door will depend on a number of factors, including:

  • Size
  • Materials
  • Design
  • Operation method (manual or electric, for example)
  • Supplier

At the very lowest end of the price scale lie manual, spring assisted steel up-and-over garage doors while at the very top end of the price scale sit automated timber side hinged garage doors, sectional garage doors and some insulated and automatic timber up-and-over doors.

None of the below prices include the cost of removing the old garage door or installation. 

How much do up-and-over garage doors cost?

Basic, manual up-and-over garage doors, made from steel are the cheapest type of garage door.

Up-and-over garage doors come in two different styles: canopy and retractable, with canopy being the cheaper of the two. 

Canopy up-and-over doors feature torsion springs in the fixing frame above the panel. Retractable versions have a narrower 'drive-through' width, as the lifting arms are fitted to the inside of the sub frame. However, the extra tension springs that come with retractable designs make them more robust and easier to operate than canopy doors. This type of up-and-over door comes in larger sizes, too.

In terms of cost, steel up-and-over canopy doors start at around £450, although you can expect to pay around £60-£70 more for the same size of retractable up-and-over door. If you were to opt for a timber or composite up-and-over door, you would be looking at prices upwards of £1,400.

Prices will rise further if you opt for automated operation. 

iroko automated up and over garage door

The Rondo Garage Door in Iroko by Urban Front is automated and ideal for contemporary-style homes.  (Image credit: Urban Front)

How much do roller shutter garage doors cost?

Next up, roller garage doors. This style of garage door is comprised of a 'curtain' of steel or aluminium slats that are designed to open vertically, coiling up into a roll above the opening. They are great when space is tight as they require no space to open or close. 

Steel roller doors tend to be cheaper than aluminium and some designs can be found for around £500. However, this is for a very basic, uninsulated manual door and if you want a top quality design, expect starting prices of around £1,300, rising to £1,600 for those that are automated. 

Green roller garage door on double garage

The electric roller garage doors are from Anglican. They are made from aluminium and come in a range of different colours.  (Image credit: Anglian Home Improvements)

How much do side hinged garage doors cost?

Side hinged garage doors are also known as side-opening or swing doors and are made up of two leaves that are hinged at the sides to open in much the same way as your front door would. 

They come in a huge range of materials, colours and styles and are very handy in garages where there isn’t enough head room to install a sectional or roller garage door. 

When it comes to materials, the main choice comes down to timber, steel or GRP (glass reinforced polyester).

Prices start at around £800 for single skin steel or softwood doors doors in off-the-shelf sizes. 

However, prices can easily rise to more than £2,500 for bespoke designs. Bespoke hardwood doors, can come in at more than £5,000. 

Standard GRP side hinged doors start from £1,800 and rise to £3,000+. 

Side hinged garage door by Urban Front

These beautiful side hinged garage doors are from Urban Front (Image credit: Urban Front)

How much do sectional garage doors cost?

Sectional garage doors look sleek and unfussy and are usually quiet to operate — they suit contemporary homes and properties with integral garages particularly well. 

With this style of garage door, the leaf is made up of a series of horizontal sections joined by hinges. When opened, the door curves up and inwards towards the garage ceiling. As the door moves up, along a fixed mechanical track, the individual panels glide backwards under the ceiling. 

Sectional garage doors are certainly not the cheapest option. Prices for very basic, steel sectional doors start at around £850 although this would certainly be at the lowest end of the price scale.  

“Given the quality of our bespoke products, our prices start from around £4,500 for the door and installation,” says Ian from Deuren. “However, depending on size, configuration and material, some of our sectional doors are sold for over £20,000.”

Sectional Garage Doors - featuring glazed strips

These sleek sectional garage doors are from Ryterna Garage Doors. (Image credit: Ryterna Garage Doors)

How much does it cost to install a garage door?

It is important to factor in the cost of installation when budgeting for your new garage doors. Many manufacturers and suppliers will be happy to fit your doors for you, in which case their quote should include the cost of removing and disposing of existing garage doors if required, installation of a new sub frame, door panel and operating mechanism and lock. If you are having automated doors, they can also include the cost of fitting a remote control electric operator.

Expect installation to cost from £150-£250, although these prices could rise depending on the style, size and complexity of the doors. 

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