14 Small Homes Under 100m²

A Stand-out Self Build
(Image credit: Tom Gildon)

Did you know that the average new build in the UK has just 85m² of floor space?

Luckily size really doesn’t matter when it comes to these small self builds. These small homes that are 100m² and below (OK so one is 101m², but that’s still very small), show through their clever design and planning how easily a small plot can be made into an impressive home.

1. A Remodelled Victorian Terrace

A North London Victorian terrace has been utterly transformed into a stunning, contemporary home

(Image credit: Robert Parrish)

Lowering the reception room has made the ceiling feel significantly higher, and a stunning glass staircase brings light through to the back of the house.

  • Homeowners: Phil and Tamsyn Coffey
  • Size: 101m²
  • Region: London

2. Cottage Style Eco Home

A Cottage Style Eco Home

(Image credit: Nigel Rigden)

Eco friendly and cost effective, a tiny one bedroom bungalow has been replaced with a three bedroom cottage with high-vaulted ceilings that make the most of the views, and enhance the space.

  • Homeowners: Nicky and Robin van der Bij
  • Size: 100m²
  • Region: Cornwall

3. A Bungalow Transformed

Extended bungalow

(Image credit: Andrew Priest)

A side extension from the front of the bungalow to the rear garage added more space to this property, with the garage transformed into a new living space. A brilliant design feature of this transformation was the conversion of two poky rear windows into large folding doors, allowing in plenty of light.

  • Homeowner: Kevin Gallagher
  • Size: 90m²
  • Region: Staffordshire

4. A Family Home for £100,000

A Family Home for £100,000

(Image credit: Graham Gaunt)

This small home was a part of the Community Land Trust project, which kept building costs low by employing an architect to design a development of simple bungalows. However, Victoria and James Mead were able to change the interior layout and now have a spacious open plan living area to relax in.

  • Homeowner: Victoria and James Mead
  • Size: 90m²
  • Region: Cornwall

5. Eco Friendly Cottage

Eco Friendly Self Build Cottage

(Image credit: Nigel Rigden)

Sitting on the site of an old timber chalet, this eco friendly cottage now features a double height kitchen-dining area, making the space feel large and open. The property even includes a balcony which makes the most of the beautiful surrounding area.

  • Homeowner: John Hughes and Harriet Wilson
  • Size: 90m²
  • Region: Exmoor

6. An End of Terrace Small Build

An end of terrace self built home with a space-saving, contemporary interior design scheme

(Image credit: Nigel Rigden)

This end of terrace build was designed with the idea to stagger the home over three storeys. The use of glass panels in the basement makes this home feel spacious and large as the panels allow in a lot of light.

  • Homeowner: Warren and Jocelyn Milne
  • Size: 80m²
  • Region: London

7. Urban Self Build

An Urban Self-build on a Small Plot

(Image credit: Jeremy Phillips)

This small plot benefited from preparation before the build, including digging down as much as possible to enable extra volume without breaching ridge height restrictions. Despite not having much of a garden, there is still room for a perfectly tranquil courtyard.

  • Homeowner: Jackie Strube and Alan Stone
  • Size: 80m²
  • Region: Brighton

8. Stand Out Self Build

A Stand-out Self Build

(Image credit: Tom Gildon)

This property uses frameless panels of glazing to make the most of natural light. This saves the dark coloured brick interior from feeling dungeonesque, and makes for a refreshing finish.

  • Homeowner: Sophie Goldhill and David Liddicoat
  • Size: 78m²
  • Region: London

9. Tiny Urban Home

A Tiny Urban Home

(Image credit: Darren Chung)

This single storey home was built for city living by Hugh Strange and Adriana Ferlauto. Again, preparation was key to this self build, as Hugh spent a long time working on the design and even spent time tracking the sun to optimise the use of glazed windows in the home.

  • Homeowner: Hugh Strange and Andrea Ferlauto
  • Size: 75m²
  • Region: London

10. Cutting Edge Eco Home

Cutting edge eco self build

(Image credit: Andrew Lee)

Not only is this property space efficient, but it is also one of the most energy efficient homes in Scotland. Maximising the stunning views, a huge window on the south side effectively heats the house, as well as allowing plenty of light into the property, which makes the interior feel bright and spacious.

  • Homeowner: Nick Middleton and Kate Prentice
  • Size: 70m²
  • Region: Skye

11. Rustic Self Build Cabin

A rustic cabin-style self build home with stunning Highland views

(Image credit: Ewen Wetherspoon)

Located in the east Highlands meant that insulation was a priority for this idyllic rustic hut. In order to fit in his parents’ collection of antique furniture, Lachie decided to heighten the ceilings, making this cosy hut feel open and spacious.

  • Homeowner: Lachie Stewart
  • Size: 65m²
  • Region: Highlands

12. Self Built Treehouse

A Self Built Treehouse

(Image credit: c/o FMB)

Elevated by stilt-like columns, this treehouse makes the most of the striking views. To mirror the eight-sided walled garden, the treehouse is designed in an octagonal shape and centres around a beautiful oak tree, which also works as a support for the build. All of the rooms therefore surround the tree, making the most of the space and the distinguishing feature of the build.

  • Homeowner: Donald and Susie Hutchison
  • Size: 50m²
  • Region: Highlands

13. Charming Oak Cottage

A small, but charming, oak frame self-build cottage in the New Forest

(Image credit: Jeremy Phillips)

The use of vaulted ceilings in the open plan living, kitchen and dining area makes the most of the plot size. A mezzanine storage space sits above the bedroom and is accessed via a ladder, a useful space saving feature.

  • Homeowner: Anna and Rachel Bruce
  • Size: 46m²
  • Region: New Forest

14. Small Self Build on a Tiny Budget 

Tiny house build on a small budget

(Image credit: Douglas Gibb)

This property shows how clever design can make the most of the space you have. The porch to this property is multifunctional, as it offers plenty of storage for shoes and coats, as well as a stool that allows it to act as a bootroom. The wardrobes in the bedroom offer another cleverly designed space saving feature, as they come with built in bedside tables.

  • Homeowner: Jennifer Hope and Mark Higgins
  • Size: 40m²
  • Region: East Ayrshire
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