26 Low Budget Homes Built For Under £200,000

Low budget self-build
(Image credit: Alistair Nicholls)

Self building on a low budget can be very tricky, but is most definitely possible. With rigorous research and detailed planning (plus a willingness to get stuck in with certain tasks), it is possible to build your own home without an extortionate price tag. 

We've compiled our favourite examples of successful self-builds all created with build costs under £200,000. Take a look below to get inspired by designs, find top tips of money saving and begin your own low-cost self-build project. 

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1. A Modern Live/Work House for £130,000

low cost self build

(Image credit: David Barbour)

Ian and Marcella Grant's new self-build on Skye was designed to be function as both a contemporary home with a low-key facade facing the street and a place for Ian to work which maximised the dramatic views facing the sea. 

Insulated concrete formwork (ICF) was used to build the single-storey, two-bedroom house and was built with the help of family and friends. 

  • Location: Isle of Skye
  • Size: 135m²
  • Build time: Five years

2. A Barn Family Home for £85K

low cost home

(Image credit: Jeremy Phillips)

Not quite a full self-build, but as close as you can get with an existing structure. 

Philip and Elly Handley converted and extended the derelict old blacksmith's forge on a primarily DIY basis, the only things they didn't do themselves was install the new roof and construct the timber frame extension. 

  • Location: Shropshire
  • Size: 99m²
  • Build time: Three years

3. An Impressive Oak Frame Home for £175K

budget self-build

(Image credit: Jeremy Phillips)

This beautiful two-bedroomed oak frame home was built in just 15 weeks with limited access due to the plot's high street location. 

  • Location: South Staffordshire
  • Size: 140m²
  • Build time: 15 weeks

4. A Modern Passivhaus for Under £200K

budget self-build

(Image credit: c/o Paul McAllister Architects)

This certified Passivhaus was not only meticulously planned in terns of airtightness and efficiency, but was also 'value engineered' before the contracts went to tender. 

The structural insulated panels (SIPs) used to construct the shell were the single largest cost of the self-build at £56,000. 

  • Location: Northern Ireland
  • Size: Unknown
  • Build time: Unknown

5. A Compact Home Built for £35K

low cost home

(Image credit: Jeremy Phillips)

Claire Williamson and Oscar Baldry transformed a former derelict newsagents, taking on almost all the building work themselves to create a characterful and energy-efficient home. 

  • Location: Shropshire
  • Size: 42m²
  • Build time: 18 months

6. A Low-budget Modular Home

budget self-build

(Image credit: c/o Studio Bark)

U-Build Box House was developed as an innovative system of flat-pack timber building boxes, designed by Studio Bark in direct response to two young aspiring self-builders who has no budget for external contractors and no specialist skills to pick up jobs themselves. 

The simple modules were transformed into a home by the couple in just 100 hours, using manual handling techniques alone, at Graven Hill — he UK's biggest self-build site. 

  • Location: Bicester
  • Size: 95m²
  • Build time: 8 weeks

7. A Modern Home Built for £170,000

Open plan kitchen diner in new self build home

(Image credit: Jeremy Phillips)

Tom Allen and Natalie Scroggie built a beautiful home with a cantilevered second floor on a small garden plot.

  • Location: Nottingham
  • Size: 120m²
  • Build time: 1 year

8. A Timber-Clad Rural Home for £120,000

Rural timber-clad self build

(Image credit: Alistair Nicholls)

Steve and Lisa Attfield have built a new timber-clad farmhouse in the Devon countryside for just £120,000 — finally making their rural dream come true.

  • Location: Devon
  • Size: 126m²
  • Build time: 1 year 2 months

9. A Low-Budget Handcrafted Home for £100k

self build home built on a budget of £100k

(Image credit: John Need)

Robin Cochrane chose a tricky plot on restricted piece of land on the banks of a river in the Scottish Highlands to build his budget home.

  • Location: Devon
  • Size: 126m²
  • Build time: 1 year 2 months

10. A Charming Budget Cottage for £158,000

Charming cottage built on a budget

(Image credit: Darren Chung)

Ian and Helen Hardy have replaced a run-down bungalow with a charming cottage-style family home in Surrey, pulling out all the stops to achieve a remarkably low build cost of just £158,000.

  • Location: Argyll & Bute
  • Size: 145m²
  • Build time: 1 year 8 months

11. An Eco Home Built for £200,000

eco self build on a sloping site

(Image credit: Jeremy Phillips)

Anthony Lamb and partner Andy Andrews’ eco self build in Somerset is a masterclass in sustainable homebuilding on a budget — built for just £200,000.

  • Location: Somerset

12. A Value-for-Money Family Home for £139,000

A large, steeply gabled family home with impressively low build costs

(Image credit: Jeremy Phillips)

Over the course of seven years, Jonathan and Nicola Marsh have built a large home for their growing young family in Leicestershire for just £139,000.

  • Location: Leicestershire
  • Size: 300m²
  • Build time: 7 years

13. A Small Low Budget Home for £59k

Tiny house build on a small budget

Offering a solution to Britain’s housing shortage, Jennifer Hope and partner Mark Higgins built their first home, and also founded the aptly named The Wee House Company, for just £59,000. (Image credit: Douglas Gibb)
  • Location: East Ayrshire, Scotland
  • Size: 40m²
  • Build time: 2 months

14. A Modern Home on a Budget Plot for £140k

An organic contemporary home on a stunning hillside setting

(Image credit: Nigel Rigden)

Colin and Iona Smith have created an organic contemporary home on a stunning hillside setting in Perthshire for a build cost of just £140,000.

  • Location: Perthshire
  • Size: 164m²
  • Build Time: 1 year

15. A Starter Home on a Budget of £80,000

timber clad self build starter home

(Image credit: Dave Burton)

Phil Coe and Flo Cooper’s first home was built to a tight budget of £80k in his parents’ back garden.

  • Location: Yorkshire
  • Size: 130m²
  • Build Time: 2 years

16. A Low-Energy Lifetime Home for £175,000

Low energy lifetime self built home

(Image credit: Darren Chung)

Jeff and Rose Tanner have built a low-energy home in Buckinghamshire, complete with a wide array of eco features and designed to last a lifetime, for just £175,000.

  • Location: Milton Keynes
  • Size: 156m²
  • Build Time: 1 year

17. A Log Cabin on a Small Budget for £180,000

Log cabin self build on a woodland plot in Derbyshire

(Image credit: Alistair Nicholls)

Paul Constable and Lucy Fallon’s log cabin in Derbyshire looks right at home on their woodland plot, but it is hard to believe it took only 59 days to build and cost just £180,000.

  • Location: Derbyshire
  • Size: 167m²
  • Build Time: 4 months

18. A Cutting Edge Self Build for £123,000

Cutting edge eco self build

(Image credit: Andrew Lee)

A cutting-edge design in a stunning location, Nick Middleton and Kate Prentice’s new home is one of the most energy efficient on the Isle of Skye in Scotland, yet was built to a tiny budget of £123,000.

  • Location: Argyll & Bute
  • Size: 70m²
  • Build time: 9 months

19. A Low Budget Home for £95,000

Low Cost Sustainable Home

(Image credit: Nigel Rigden)

Retired joiner Mike and his wife Jane have designed and built a one bedroom eco home in Somerset on a DIY basis for just £95,000.

  • Location: Somerset
  • Size: 72m²
  • Build time: 1 year 10 months

20. A Stylish City Self Build for £139,000

An eco-friendly self build terrace in Sheffield

(Image credit: Jeremy Phillips)

Tom and Emily Hunt’s contemporary, eco-friendly, self build home combines style and substance for an affordable £139,000.

  • Location: Sheffield
  • Size: 140m²
  • Build time: 6 months

21. A Family Eco Home for Under £200k

Family Eco Home Under £200k

(Image credit: Nigel Rigden)

The demolition of a post-war bungalow has led Louise and Ivor Nicholson to create a bright, minimalist eco home, calling on family favours to help them keep to an impressive budget of just over £185,000.

  • Location: Aberdeenshire
  • Size: 160m²
  • Build time: 10 months

22. A Cottage-Style Budget Home for £115,000

A Cottage Style Eco Home

(Image credit: Nigel Rigden)

Eco homes don’t need to break the bank — as Nicky and Robin van der Bij proved when they designed and built their stunning coastal cottage for just £115,000. Even better, it costs just £270 a year to heat.

  • Location: Cornwall
  • Size: 100m²

23. A DIY Self Build for £98,500

Amazing Low Cost Self Build

(Image credit: Simon Denison)

Rob and Alithea Dawson bought a 35-acre woodland site for £10,000 and spent seven years in a mobile home trying to get planning on it. They have eventually built themselves a remarkable home in oak on a DIY basis for just £98,500.

  • Location: Powys
  • Build time: 2 years

24. A Low-Budget Self Build for £171,000

A low-budget, energy-efficient self build cottage in Hampshire

(Image credit: Simon Maxwell)

Isabel and Mal Voller have built a low-budget, energy-efficient self build cottage clad in brick and flint in Hampshire for their retirement — it cost just £171,000.

  • Location: Hampshire
  • Build time: 1 year 5 months

25. A Timber-Clad Cabin for £125,000

A timber frame cabin on the Isle of Skye, built for just £125,000

(Image credit: Nigel Rigden)

A timber frame cabin on the Isle of Skye, built for just £125,000 by Nigel Rigden, shows how contemporary design can sit comfortably within a rural setting.

  • Location: Isle of Skye
  • Size: 95m²
  • Build time: 4 years 1 month

26. A Straw Bale Home on a Budget of £67k

Straw bale self build

(Image credit: Simon Maxwell)

Designed and built by the homeowners, Justin and Linda Tyers, this two-bed cottage demonstrates the spirit of self build like no other.

  • Location: Somerset
  • Size: 95m²
  • Build time: 11 months
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