7 creative hallway storage ideas for a tidy entryway

green hallway with smart boot room storage cupboards
Hallway storage ideas can make practical use of otherwise unusable space (Image credit: Olive & Barr)

Deciding on the right hallway storage ideas will primarily depend on the size and shape of your entryway. 

For spaces that are narrow and compact, finding an out-of-the-way spot to put messy coats and bags is pretty essential. Meanwhile, those with larger space might be able to use some hallway ideas that are a little bulkier. 

Whatever shape or space your hallway is, we have a range of ideas to inspire your project and make the most of your entrance.

How do I add hallway storage ideas? 

"When it comes to hallway storage, you need to be smart in order to maximise the space effectively — whether you have a heap of shoes needing a home or an ever-growing pile of coats," says Sam Baldry, head of design at Swoon.

"Well designed hallway storage is transformative," adds Rachel Hutcheson, national retail manager from Sharps. "Not only does it provide an opportunity to enhance the ambience of your hallway by showcasing your prized possessions, it also helps declutter the entrance to your home, with a properly designed hallway wardrobe hiding everything behind closed doors."

1. Use clever built-in storage for small hallways

black and white hallway with built in storage closet

The storage cupboard span the entire length of this hallway (Image credit: PaperBoy Interiors)

Even a small hallway can incorporate storage. Usually the best way to maximise space is to build in bespoke or off-the-shelf cupboards and closets. 

"Made to measure storage is perfect for crafting solutions that use every inch of space in your hallway," advises Sharps' Rachel Hutcheson. "From keepsakes and decorative objects gathered on our travels to books that we love– it all has to live somewhere.

"When briefing a designer, take into consideration that there are several benefits to a properly designed hallway wardrobe. Unlike freestanding storage, the depth of a properly fitted wardrobe can be adjusted to fit your space, with shallower solutions that utilise the space up to the wall."

Use other small hallway ideas to make the space feel bigger while creating dedicated spaces for clutter and belongings. 

2. Use design features to detract from storage

Modern hallway with black tiles floor, built-in storage and view of staircase

You can barely notice the storage to the right of this image as the eye is drawn straight to the floor (Image credit: Baked Tile Co.)

Hallways can become a bit of a dumping ground, especially if you have a young family, so larger closets and cupboards are great for giving everything a place of its own.

However, avoid the look of a space only dedicated to storage and don't forget that the hallway is the first thing visitors see when they enter the home. 

A large wardrobe spans the length of this hallway, but thanks to contrasting colours of this floor, the eye is drawn further into the house rather than spotting the cupboard. If that appeals, it's worth having a look at some other hallway flooring ideas to help inspire your project.

3. Add boot room flair to your hallway storage

white rustic hallway with grey boot room storage

If you love a boot room but don't have the space, you can always give your hallway storage a boot room feel  (Image credit: The Dormy House)

Boot rooms are steadily climbing up homeowners' wish-lists but many existing properties just don't have the space to add one. 

Instead, why not take your favourite storage designs from our boot room ideas and replicate them in your hallway?

Here, a useful, but slim unit that has been inspired by boot rooms alongside other hallway decor ideas has been added to a hallway. The pale grey unit has a spot to tug on your wellies, using exposed brick for a rustic finish.   

4. Go bespoke to create a space for everything

dark green built in coat storage unit in hallway

Full length bespoke units are not only useful but can also become a feature in your hallway (Image credit: Kitchen Makers)

Go full length with your design for storing coats, umbrellas and tall boots. 

"Another advantage to a bespoke solution is that there is far greater flexibility for designing exactly how far apart internal shelving is, for example, so if you wanted to store things like taller boots or umbrellas, this is all possible without wasting space," explains Rachel Hutcheson from Sharps. "It can also provide a focal point for your hallway and an opportunity to add design detail through colour and lighting."

This charming dark green cupboard has been cleverly situated within an existing alcove in the hallway — perfect for decluttering and creating a bespoke solution that suits a busy lifestyle. You can also check out some other smart hallway paint ideas if you are looking for some unique colour schemes.

5. Never underestimate the power of a sideboard

wood clad hallway with grey rubber floor and view of stairs

A sideboard can be an easy and simple storage solution in a hallway (Image credit: Simon Maxwell)

"If your hallway is lacking storage space, why not consider a handy sideboard, which can provide you with an abundance of space?" suggests Swoon's Sam Baldry. 

"By utilising both its upper surface and interior storage, you can create a truly versatile, space-efficient piece of furniture. Plus, with many charming designs available, you’re sure to discover an aesthetic that mirrors your current interior."

In this long hallway, a freestanding sideboard perfectly matches the mid-century aesthetic created by the rest of the wood-clad space and provides space for hats and gloves within it. Take a look at some other modern hallway ideas for similar contemporary designs.

6. Use open shelving under your stairs

white hallway with colourful show storage under stairs

Choosing not to box in your under stair area can make a hallway feel larger (Image credit: Jeremy Phillips)

"Your understairs can be a prime focal point of your hallway, its design can have an impact on the flow of the property and can set the tone for the rest of your house," comments Rachel Hutcheson of Sharps. 

While most homeowners choose to box in this space, consider leaving shelving open to make the hallway feel bigger. You can also take a look at some of our narrow hallway ideas if tackling a smaller space.

7. Go simple with a hallway peg rack

grey hallway with sideboard and peg rack

Peg racks are useful for items that are used every day (Image credit: Tom Raffield)

Like your hallway fuss free? Use a peg rack to limit the household to essentials like every day coats and bags and leave everything else upstairs. 

This idea works just as well with large or small spaces as they offer a great flexibility in numbers, plus they can be combined with floor storage, such as a boot box, for a freestanding option. 

How do you decorate hallway storage?

A console storage table sits in front of a stairway in a hallway

Using similar colours can help blend storage and hallway decor in together (Image credit: Oak Furnitureland)

Painting bulky hallway storage pale colours has traditionally been seen to lessen their imposing air, but we're seeing more homeowners embrace storage and factor it into their interior design as a whole. 

For instance, if you're painting the hallway walls blue, painting the skirting boards, interior doors and storage cupboard doors a gloss version or complementary shade is very much the style of the moment. 

Can you put a bookcase in a hallway? 

freestanding bookcase storage in grey hallway

Open backed shelving will ensure a bookshelf doesn't dominate a room (Image credit: Ligne Roset)

“Shelving is another ideal storage method, breaking up areas of a room or, in this case, a wall," says Sam Baldry from Swoon. "Interest can easily be added to the bold expanse of wall, without detracting from its colour or design.  

To create the ultimate shelf wall design, I’d opt for open-backed shelving or individual shelves that allow the colour of the wall to be exposed, without it dominating the room.”

You can also pair this with some hallway lighting ideas to compliment the look.

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