9 Inspiring Budget Renovation Projects

This 1930s semi detached house has been transformed by its owners into a bright and happy family home — all for just £40,000
(Image credit: Clive Doyle)

When it comes to the majority of UK housing stock, renovation and extension projects are the most attainable home improvements for those homeowners on a budget.

Here, we take a look at some impressive examples of projects, from bungalows to terraces and remodels to extensions, completed on even the tightest of budgets.

1. A £35,000 Newsagents Remodel

kitchen diner in budget eco conversion

(Image credit: Jeremy Phillips)

Transforming a former newsagents into an energy-efficient home on a budget of just £35,000 was one couple’s solution to get their foot on the property ladder.

Carrying out the majority of the work on a DIY basis, they were able to remodel the interiors and add a new timber first floor extension, delivered within their tight budget.

2. A £45k Terrace Renovation

Broken plan kitchen diner

(Image credit: Anthony Greenwood)

Living in the property to save on rented accommodation, coupled with carrying out the work on a DIY basis, allowed the homeowners of this terraced property to remodel their home on a budget of under £45,000.

By stripping the house back to brickwork, they were able to add insulation to improve the home’s thermal efficiency too and save on future running costs.

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3. A 1970s Bungalow Transformed

Extended bungalow

(Image credit: Andrew Priest)

On a budget of just £38,000, one homeowner has taken a semi-detached bungalow from being a 1970s eyesore to a charming cottage-style home — and with all of the work carried out under Permitted Development, requiring no planning permission.

The red-brick exterior has been clad in render with new windows added throughout, while the interiors have been reconfigured for modern living.

4. A Budget Victorian Renovation

This Victorian terrace was lovingly restored on a budget over a period of five years

(Image credit: Simon Maxwell)

Over the course of five years, one family have lovingly restored their Victorian terraced home, including revealing the building’s original features.

With no money set aside, the couple chose to save up and carry on with the each stage as and when they could, however in doing so have been able to complete the work for a budget of just under £37,000.

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5. A 1930s Home Extended for £40k

This 1930s semi detached house has been transformed by its owners into a bright and happy family home — all for just £40,000

(Image credit: Clive Doyle)

With their 1930s semi-detached home suffering from cramped, dark spaces, one couple have carried out an impressive remodel and contemporary rendered extension to create the light-filled family home they required — all for just £40,000.

The owners had the advantage of being able to design the house and kitchen themselves due to their respective jobs, while living in the house while work was carried out and thoroughly researching materials also contributed to their impressively low final costs.

6. A Bungalow Reinvented on a Budget

1930s Bungalow Reinvented

(Image credit: David Burton)

Thanks to a wrap-around extension and internal remodel, this 1930s bungalow now boasts open plan, light-filled interiors, has a better connection with the garden, and has consequently doubled in size — all for just £110,000.

7. A Thatched Cottage Renovated on a Budget

16th Century Thatched Cottage Renovation

(Image credit: Douglas Gibb)

When the homeowners of this 16th-century thatched cottage bought the property, it suffered from damp, the roof needed re-thatching and unsympathetic additions had been made to it over time.

On a budget of just £32,000, the couple have managed to restore the listed building to its former glory.

8. Transformed for Under £10,000

Kitchen in budget renovation of Victorian house

(Image credit: Alistair Nicholls)

When one homeowner bought this Victorian terrace in Sussex, the layout was inefficient and the whole house needed renovating.

Thanks to shopping around online, calling in family contacts and keeping an eye on the budget, the home now boasts built-in storage solutions, makes better use of the internal space, and even includes period features — all for under £10,000!

9. DIY Renovation of a Victorian Home

Budget DIY Renovation of a Victorian Home

(Image credit: Jeremy Phillips)

First-time renovators Henry and Holly Johnson have transformed a dark, dated and neglected Victorian property into a fresh, bright home for just over £46,000. Taking on the majority of work themselves (they only hired four trades throughout the entire project), the couple were able to complete their whole house renovation on a tight budget.

Daisy Jeffery

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