What causes damp in a house - spotting the telltale signs

Damp on wall in house
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Damp is an unwelcome guest in many homes, but understanding its origins and how to combat it is crucial for maintaining a healthy and comfortable living environment.

In this article, surveyor and expert damp consultant, David Kinsey, delves into what causes damp in a house and explores some ways to stop it from causing damage to your home.

Keep reading to discover how to spot the first signs of this moisture menace and how to treat damp in your home.

What causes damp in a house?

David M Kinsey

David M Kinsey is a Chartered Engineer and Surveyor who now specialises in damp and the problems of older houses. Over the years, David had called a variety of period houses home, so he has first hand experience of the trials and tribulations of maintaining and renovating old houses. He regularly advises on damp and its associated issues, offering advice for homeowners of tiny cottages up to large country houses and everything in between. He is regularly consulted about listed buildings, and is often recommended by conservation officers. However, he has also been known to dip his toes into condensation issues in modern homes.

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