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Choosing the Right Floor for the Right Room
When it comes to choosing the right floor for you and your home, taste and style has to be number one on the list, but choosing the correct floor for the practicalities of each room can be hard work – for a quick run down of which flooring works best, room by room, please read our guide below.

Entrance Hall
The entrance hall needs to be one of the most durable places in the home, being the main junction for traffic coming in and out of the house. Shoes, be it football boots, trainers, high heels or boots can impact a floor over time through wear and tear, not to mention the dirt and grime associated with shoes. Engineered wood flooring would be a good option – a strong alternative to solid wood, it’s constructed in layers, giving it the added strength areas with higher traffic need. The real wood top layer gives the genuine look of wood, making a grand statement to those entering your home.

Bathroom or Laundry Room
The bathroom or laundry room is another room in the house that needs careful consideration. Although not as busy for walking traffic, bathrooms can get very wet and steamed up, which can at times damage a floor. Some types of laminate flooring or vinyl flooring can be a great solution for this – brands such as Aqua Step can provide a 100% water-resistant barrier for these rooms, sparing water damage that can impact and damage the quality and look of flooring over the years.

Living Room & Dining Room
The living room and the dining room is where the soul of the home comes to life, the place that is often the meeting point where families talk about their days. Solid wood flooring is the best type of flooring for character – although strong, a hardwood floor is great for adding a layer of style and comfort, and combined with a great rug it can look fantastic. Available in a range of finishes, solid wood flooring is a sensible choice for traditional or contemporary decors, and is an option for those wanting a genuine wood floor over engineered or laminate.

Laminate flooring is a good option for any room in the home, due to the wide range of textures, colours and finishes available. If you’re spent through decorating other parts of the home, laminate flooring is a cheap alternative. A laminate floor is an image on top of manufactured boards, which allows for a wide use of wood types to be integrated. Although the image is not real wood, it is great for bringing a touch of Ash, Beech, Oak and more to your floor without the cost. Slate and stone textures and bold colours can be added to laminate, which gives a huge amount of options to choose from.

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