I'm a professional builder and this is how I manage a project timeline

A bright and spacious timber frame living room with expansive glazing
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As construction projects go, self builds are among the more complex as they often incorporate an array of cutting-edge technologies that push the boundaries of what has been built before. Given the complexities, it's no wonder that time often slips as the build sequence becomes complicated and challenged by competing pressures and unexpected problems.

For experienced construction professionals, managing time is an everyday feature as they juggle priorities and plan ahead to keep the build on track. Not surprisingly, some builders do this quite well while for others time management appears chaotic as they continuously react to unexpected circumstances. 

Mark Stevenson

Mark Stevenson has worked as a construction professional for over 30 years and following an extensive career in housebuilding. He is currently chief operating officer for Custom Build Homes and chair of the National Custom and Self Build Association. He previously worked as managing director for Potton, helping self builders build their own homes.

Whilst Mark describes himself as a ‘professional builder’ as a result of his career in housebuilding and timber building system manufacturing, he has specialist knowledge of timber construction and extensive expertise in finding land and project management.

He regularly shares his knowledge at Homebuilding & Renovating Shows and and coaches self builders about how to build their own homes. Aside from Mark’s professional career, his skills also extend to practical building knowledge as a skilled joiner, hands-on renovator and serial self-builder of his own development projects.

He is also Vice Chair of industry body, the Structural Timber Association.