Snagging: A Self Builder’s Guide

Checking for snagging
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Snagging is a word that can cause some confusion on self build projects. This isn’t aided by the fact that the term lacks a formal contract definition and is not even a part of the JCT (Joint Contracts Tribunal) suite of building contracts.

However, it is generally accepted that snagging concerns the aspects of the work that are complete but have minor faults, defects or errors in the fit and finish that require remedial action prior to the project being complete.

Bob Branscombe

Bob is one of the UK’s leading Chartered Surveyors and with over 30-years’ experience in both self build and construction. A career spent with several main contractors and major surveying consultancies has helped reinforce his approach that cost-estimating and control are a fundamental tenet of self building. He's previously led seminars at Homebuilding  & Renovating Shows across the country.