How much does it cost to lay laminate flooring? The costs revealed

Wooden dining room table on pale grey laminate floor inside a room with a wood theme
The cost to lay laminate flooring can vary depending on the installer and materials used (Image credit: Carpetright)

Considering the cost to lay laminate flooring is an important step before starting your next home improvement. 

More often than not, predictions for fitting out a house can come in over budget. One of the areas that is sometimes forgotten is installation costs, and making sure you get these correct can ensure finances are planned more accurately.

Different types of flooring require different installation methods, and the cost of this can vary significantly. The materials used for laying the flooring can also differ dramatically, depending on what is needed and the quality of the product.

Find out below exactly how much it will cost to lay laminate flooring, with our industry expert guidance and advice.

What is the cost to lay laminate flooring per m2? 

Laminate flooring can cost as little as £6/m2 and up to £25/m2 — although if you're wanting to install really high quality material it can increase from there. 

You'll then need to factor in installation — which can be free, if doing it yourself, or between £10-£20/m2 if calling a professional.

For better quality, yet not much more expensive, vinyl is a good option. Weighing up the pros and cons of laminate vs vinyl might include, ease of installation, the patterns available, the cost you're willing to pay, and durability.

Remember, find out how to measure up for laminate flooring properly before ordering any product. Too much and you'll find you have a lot of wastage – not only in flooring but also in your back-pocket –, and too little and you'll be tearing your hair out trying to find more flooring at the last minute. And if you don't find it, you may end up with a bodged-looking job.

What is the average cost to have laminate flooring professionally installed?

Paying for a professional installation of laminate flooring can cost from £10/m2 up to £20/m2 (according to and 

You might be able to get better deal on installation if you have multiple rooms and can pay the fitter for a day, much it will depend on the area in which you live and the availability of tradespeople if these costs increase or decrease. 

The benefit of paying someone to install laminate flooring for you, is that you can usually be assured of a good finish (make sure you chose an installer with good reviews and plenty of prior experience), you don't have to buy any tools for laminate flooring fitting, and there is reduced effort required for yourself. 

waterproof laminate flooring

This laminate flooring gives the appearance of wooden floorboards but is completely waterproof (Image credit: Lifestyle Floors)

What is the cost of underlay for laminate flooring? 

Underlay is important with laminate flooring to provide a flat base. It can cost from around £3.50/m2 to £11/m2 or more depending on quality.

Laminate flooring is typically floating so the underlay acts as a buffer for weight to be evenly distributed across the floor. It is also great for supporting the laminate as well as providing a degree of insulation for both heat and noise, see more in our guide on how underlay can reduce your energy bills. It will also help your laminate floor last longer (even for laminate flooring with underlay on it already) and be softer and warmer to walk across.

That said, laminate flooring can technically be laid without it. It just isn't preferable.

How much laminate flooring can be laid in a day?

Laminate flooring is quick to lay and installing the material in an average-sized room  won't usually take more than a couple of hours. 

The preparation, however, may take longer as laminate, like most types of flooring, works best with a good subfloor. 

Is it cheaper to install carpet or laminate flooring?

On average, it costs more to lay carpet than it does to install laminate flooring. 

This is one of the many factors to consider when choosing between carpet vs laminate. Often laminate can be purchased cheaper than carpet as well, giving a lower overall budget. 

Can I install laminate flooring myself? 

Laminate can be installed on a DIY basis quite easily, although there are certain processes that will need to be learned before starting the job, such as how to cut laminate flooring without wasting material. 

Our step-by-step guide on how to lay laminate flooring will help you avoid potential pitfalls and achieve a stunning finish on your new flooring.  

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