Building Plot: How to Assess Its Potential

Illustration of house on self build plot
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When it comes to finding the perfect building plot on which to build your own house, there is a lot to consider, from planning potential and access issues through to ground conditions, the physical characteristics of the site and the practicality and expense of bringing services to site.

This is where thorough assessment of the building plot and its potential is essential.  Never purchase a development site without first satisfying yourself that you can get planning permission to build the house that you intend and do bear in mind that existing consents do not prevent you from making further applications for alternative schemes. 

Michael Holmes

Michael is Homebuilding & Renovating's Director of Content, Vice Chair of the self build industry body, the National Custom and Self Build Association (NaCSBA), presenter of multiple property TV shows and author of Renovating for Profit (Ebury). He also runs an architectural and interior design practice, offering design and project management services. He is one of the country's leading property experts and has undertaken over 30 building projects including two self-builds and the renovation of a Grade-II listed farmhouse. 

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