Does Your Plot Have Access Issues?

car tyre on gravel driveway
(Image credit: getty images)

In some urban or city areas, it might be acceptable or even desirable to have pedestrian access only, but more often than not, the requirement for vehicular access is a pre-condition for the granting of planning permission, with that consent containing further stipulations that have to be fulfilled before the permission is operable.

As a self builder, you must take particular care to ensure that these planning conditions are capable of being satisfied within your remit.

David Snell

David is one of the UK's leading self build and plotfinding experts, and a serial self builder who has been building homes for 50 years. The author of Building Your Own Home, David spent decades as a speaker and expert at self build exhibitions such as the Homebuilding & Renovating Show. He has recently finished his fourteenth self build project.