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Smart Home Gadgets: The Best Christmas Gifts for Any Budget

Smart home gadgets deals
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Smart home gadgets have become something of a staple in most homes in recent years — and there are some great Christmas deals available right now.

If you're looking for a last-minute Christmas present, how about 50% off the Echo Show 5? Or the Ring (Generation 2) Video Doorbell for just £89?

We’ve rounded up the best deals on video doorbells, home assistants, smart home security and nifty smart plugs and bulbs - to help add smart home tech to your (or someone else's) pad. 

Today's Best Smart Home Gadget Deal


Echo Show 5 | WAS £79.99, NOW £39.99 (SAVE £40)

The Echo Show 5 is a great example of a smart home device that can smarten up your home, without breaking the bank - especially when it's 50% off!

The HD camera is excellent, enhancing the experience of making and receiving video calls. The Echo Show 5 can also be used as a hub for compatible devices such as smart lights and smart plugs, and the usual advantages of Alexa voice control mean you can request a song, or check the traffic, sports scores or the weather. 

Deal expires midnight on 24 Dec, 2020View Deal

Best Deals on Smart Plugs 

Smart plugs basically turn any standard appliance into a clever one. What this means is that, once plugged into the smart plug, your appliance (be that a lamp, fan, coffee machine or radio) can be controlled from your mobile device wherever you might be. 

Plus, if you have a smart assistant such as Alexa or Google Home Assistant that is compatible with your smart plug, you will be able to use voice control to operate your appliances — "Alexa, turn on the Christmas tree lights!"

TECKIN Smart Plug, 4-pack | WAS £39.99, NOW £30.81 (SAVE £9.18) at Amazon 

This four-pack of smart plugs can currently be snapped up for under £30! 

The smart plugs allow you to control lights and any other appliances you plug into them wherever you might be, using your mobile phone (by downloading the free Smart Life app) or by voice control on your Alexa or Google Home Assistant. You can also set timers for any appliances plugged into them.

Anyone wanting to save energy, time and increase their home's security should definitely consider a smart plug. And don't forget — smart plugs make short work of turning all those Christmas lights on and off too!View Deal

TCP Smart Wi-Fi Plug | 2 for £20 at Argos

Normally retailing at £14.95 each, you can now get two TCP Smart Plugs for just £20 at Argos. This is a great deal to snap up while it's on offer!

TCP's Smart Plug lets you create the perfect Christmas lighting in any room, either through the TCP Smart App or through voice commands via Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. View Deal

Smart Lights Deals 

Smart bulbs allow you to programme your lights to come on and go off at certain times during the day, even when you are not at home — perfect for deterring any unwanted visitors. They are also handy in children's bedrooms as they can be set on a timer to go off once children are asleep.

Some smart bulbs allow you to choose from a selection of mood lighting settings too.  

TP-LINK Kasa Multicolour KL130 Smart Light Bulb | WAS £29.99, NOW £22 (SAVE £7.99) at Currys

Featuring a wide palette of colours to choose from, TP-LINK's Kasa multicolour smart light bulb is now on offer at Currys - save £7.99 when you buy now. 

You can schedule the bulb to turn off and on at preferred times, and it's easily controllable by the Kasa Smart App or through Alexa or Google Assistant. 

Plus, you can set the bulb to adjust to match the natural light conditions during the day, so that you always have the right amount of lighting in the room.View Deal

Hive Dimmable Smart Bulb | WAS £19.99 (RRP) NOW £16.95 (SAVE £3.04) at Amazon

Looking for smart bulbs that work with Alexa? Then snap up this 40% off deal for the Hive 9W Dimmable E27 Screw Smart Bulb. Pair your Hive bulbs with the Hive Hub and you'll be able to control your lighting via the Hive app. Bayonet version available as well.View Deal

LE Alexa Smart Bulbs | WAS £25.99, NOW £19.99 (SAVE £6) at Amazon

Simply download the Lepro LampUX or Smart Life app to your mobile device and you will be all set to control this bulb, along with any additional bulbs, from wherever you are.

Choose from thousands of colour options to create the mood you want. Want soothing tones for a nursery? No problem. Vibrant shades for a party? Easy. You can also choose simple white (from a number of cool or warm options). 

With an Alexa or Google Home you can use voice control with the bulb and it is simple to set up too. View Deal

Today's Best Video Doorbell Deals

Video doorbells are a brilliant way to increase the security of your home and make a very wise investment. Plus, video doorbells also provide a useful service when it comes to receiving deliveries. Finding a frustrating 'Sorry we missed you' note on your doormat can now be a thing of the past.

With a video doorbell, not only can you see who is at the door before you answer it, but you can effectively answer your door even if you aren't home as most feature two-way audio.  

eufy Security Wi-Fi Video Doorbell | WAS £169.99, NOW £109.99 (SAVE £60) at Amazon 

Act fast and save £60 on eufy's impressive video doorbell from Amazon.

Featuring a crystal clear 2K image, you are guaranteed high quality video recordings, while HDR imaging is great for providing a clear image at night as well as in the day.

You can connect it to Google Assistant or Alexa to receive notifications, or get updates on Snapchat, so you'll always know who's at your door - plus, two-way audio lets you speak directly to anyone who approaches. It even comes with a fun electronic chime with holiday-themed ringtones.

Ring (Generation 2) Video Doorbell | NOW £89 at B&Q

This is a fantastic price on Ring's second generation video doorbell. 

Keep an eye on your door, no matter what with the Ring video doorbell. Although now succeeded by the third generation, that doesn't mean the gen 2 pales in comparison. 

With advanced home security features including Near Motion Zone and 1080p two-way talk video, this is a great price not worth missing out on.View Deal

Great Deals on Smart Assistants/Speakers

Smart assistants, such as the Echo Dot or Google Home, are really simple to set up and operate — plus they can be used used as central hubs for other compatible smart devices, such as smart plugs, bulbs or video doorbells. 

They allow you to set timers, check the news or the weather, create shopping lists, play music —  there really are endless possibilities when it comes to what a smart assistant can do.  

Some of the newest models, such as the Echo Show 8, also allow you to hold video calls and see the weather and news.

50% Off Echo Show 8!

Echo Show 8 |WAS £119.99, NOW £59.99 (SAVE £60) at Amazon

The Echo Show 8 brings together all the smart tech associated with the Alexa voice assistant with an 8" HD screen that allows you to make video calls, see weather and news at a glance and watch films and TV — amongst a whole host of other things. 

You can set alarms and timers, use the screen as a photo frame, stream music (if you have Amazon Music you can see the lyrics on screen too — karaoke anyone?)

Oh, and if you are worried about privacy, you can electronically disconnect the microphones and camera and slide a built-in cover to close the camera lens off. View Deal

Smart Heating: Today's Best Offers

All of us are becoming more aware of the importance of saving energy — even if just to save money on household bills. Plus, an increase in working from home means it has become more important than ever to keep an eye on those heating bills.  

The latest range of smart heating controls allow you to keep track of how much energy you are using and ensure your home is always set at the perfect temperature for you. 

Drayton Wiser Multi-Zone Smart Thermostat and Smart Radiator Thermostat Kit | WAS £229.99 (RRP) NOW £169.98 (SAVE £60.01) at Amazon

Spending more time at home this year has got many of us wishing we had more control over our heating. Step in smart thermostats and TRVs. 

This kit, from Drayton Wiser, featuring a room thermostat, heat hub and two radiator thermostats, provides everything you need to get started, and allows you to build on the system, swapping in your current TRVs with more smart radiator thermostats as and when you need them. 

The Wiser App allows you to control temperature room-by-room. What's more the kit can be paired with voice control: 'Alexa, turn up the heating in the lounge'.

This kit can be used with a combi (combination) boiler only.View Deal

tado° Wired Smart Thermostat Starter Kit V3+ | NOW JUST £143.03 at Amazon

Compatible with 95% of central heating systems. this smart home heating gadget allows you to control your home's heating from wherever you might be, ensuring you always return to a home that will be at the perfect temperature for you.

It will help you save on your bills too — the smart thermostat notifies you when everyone has left the house or if a window has been left open, allowing you to turn off the heating so as not to waste energy. 

Integrate it with your home assistant (Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant or Apple HomeKit) and you can implement voice control for your heating as well. View Deal

Best Home Security Deals

Most of the newest smart security cameras or alarms are easy to set up and install and can be paired simple with mobile devices. 

Wireless versions should be easy enough to install on a DIY basis. However, if you opt for a wired smart home security system, you should seek the services of a professional installer — this is one area you don't want to cut corners on. 

All-new Blink Outdoor Security Camera | WAS £249.99 (RRP) NOW £174.99 (SAVE £75)

The battery powered Blink Outdoor HD security camera has £75 off the RRP!  

Weather resistant, the camera runs for up to two years on x2 AA lithium batteries. If features two-way audio and live view (not a continuous stream) and motion detection alerts that can be sent to your phone. There's no complicated wiring so you can set it up yourself. It works with Alexa so you use voice activation to control the camera.View Deal

Reolink 4K NVR 5MP PoE CCTV Security Camera System | WAS £439.99, NOW £316.79 (SAVE £123.20) at Amazon

With simple installation, eight cameras that run simultaneously 24/7, 2560x1920 high resolution and super clear night vision, this is one home security system well worth a look. 

Power, video, and audio are all run through a single PoE cable, making fitting the unit much simpler than with some other systems.  Also, cameras are supplied with 59ft 8Pin network cables so you don't have to buy additional cables.

The system is supplied with a pre-installed 2TB HDD, so you can can record videos continuously.

Use the free Reolink app to access footage via your smart device (IOS/Android) or computer (Windows/Mac). You can watch live streams and view playbacks instantly wherever you are.View Deal