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Smart Home Gadgets: Today's Best Deals

Black Friday deals
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Smart home gadgets are now seen as essential items for the home as opposed to luxuries and this increase in their popularity means there are some really great deals to be had — if you know where to look. Luckily for you, we do where to look!

We’ve taken the legwork out of finding the best smart home gadget deals and our round up covers everything from video doorbells to home assistants and smart home security. 

Maybe you are after a gift for a gadget-loving relative or perhaps you are trying to choose the best smart home gadgets in order to ensure your home is fully kitted our and future-proofed — or, like so many others, are you just starting small with something like a home assistant that can play your favourite music on demand or keep track of your shopping list?

Whatever your particularly needs, we’ve found today’s very best prices for a range of smart home gadgets that can transform how you live in and interact with your home. 

And with Black Friday just around the corner, now's definitely the right time to start your search.

Best Deals on Smart Plugs

If you are wondering, 'what is a smart plug?' then wonder no more. Smart plugs basically turn ordinary appliances into clever ones. This means that you can control these newly-smart appliances from your mobile device wherever you might be. Plus, if you have a smart assistant that is compatible with your smart plug, you will be able to use voice control to operate your appliances.

Innr Zigbee Smart Plug | WAS £24.99, NOW £19.97 Save £5.02 at Amazon

This smart plug from Innr is ideal for those making their first steps into the work of smart home technology. This neat little smart plug allows you to control appliaces that plug into sockets to become 'smart' controlled using an app or voice control. 

Not only does it allow you to turn any light in your home that has a plug into a smart light (perfect for Christmas lights), so that you can control them from an app on your mobile device, but the plug can also be voice controlled by Amazon Alexa or Google Home, when combined with a Philips Hue bridge

The small size of the plug makes it easy for you to use it in a standard socket along with other plugs as it won't block the outlets like some other plugs can.View Deal

TVLIVE 2 Pack 16A Smart Plugs | WAS £17.99, NOW £13.59 Save £4.40 at Amazon

Looking for a low-cost smart plug? The search is over. Simply plug these neat little gadgets into your outlet and use them to control anything from lamps and fans to coffee makers and water heaters.

Use the free 'Smart Life' app to create schedules and timers and, if you have Amazon Alexa or Google Home, use voice control to operate your devices.

The plugs are compact in size and won't interfere with other sockets — plus they are small enough to take anywhere with you so good for travel too.  View Deal

Smart Light Bulbs

Smart bulbs make the perfect addition to any home. They allow you to programme your lights to come on at a certain time, even when you are not at home — perfect for deterring any unwanted visitors. Some smart bulbs allow you to choose from a selection of mood lighting settings too.  

LE Alexa Smart Bulbs | WAS £25.99, NOW £15.99 Save £10.00 at Amazon

Simply download the Lepro LampUX or Smart Life app to your mobile device and you will be all set to control this bulb, along with any additional bulbs. from wherever you are.

Choose from thousands of colour options to create the mood you want. Want soothing tones for a nursery? No problem. Vibrant shades for a party? Easy. You can also choose simple white (from a number of cool or warm options). 

With an Alexa or Google Home you can use voice control with the bulb and it is simple to set up too. View Deal

Best Deals on Video Doorbells

In recent years video doorbells have grown and grown in popularity — and for good reason. They make a great investment, increasing the security levels of your home and also acting as a convenient feature when it comes to receiving deliveries. With a video doorbell, not only can you see who is at the door before you answer it, but you can effectively answer your door even if you aren't home. You'll never miss a parcel again!

Victure Wireless Video Doorbell Camera | WAS £99.88, NOW £61.31 Save £38.57 at Amazon

This is one seriously impressive video doorbell. Not only does it allow you to keep a close eye on your home night and day thanks to 1080P high-resolution video and infrared night vision, but it also offers a wide-view angle reducing blind spots. 

Two-way audio allows you to speak to whoever is at your door no matter where in the world you might be whilst the PIR motion sensor alerts you to the presence of anyone at your door.

Set up is easy too, with the doorbell being suitable for use with either rechargeable batteries or connected to an existing doorbell wire. View Deal

Omeril Wireless Doorbell | WAS £16.99, NOW £11.98 Save £5.01 at Amazon

Whilst this doorbell might not have a video function it is still well worth a look as it packed with other useful features. Firstly it has a five level volume meaning that even those who are hard of hearing shouldn't struggle to hear when visitors come calling. 

Secondly, set up is super simple — you simply plug the receiver into one of your plug sockets and off you go. And, thirdly, should you still miss the ring tone, the receiver lights up to alert you too. 

You get two receivers and the doorbell for the price, meaning you can have a receiver both upstairs and down. View Deal

Deals on Smart Assistants and Speakers

Smart assistants, such as the Echo Dot, are really easy to set up and operate — plus they can be used used as central hubs for compatible smart devices, such as smart plugs or bulbs. They allow you to set timers, check the news or the weather, create shopping lists, play music —  there really are endless possibilities when it comes to what a smart assistant can do.  

Echo Dot (3rd Gen) | WAS £39.99, NOW £18.99 Save £21.00 at Amazon

Save 53% on the Echo Dot (3rd Gen) right now at Amazon. This is their most popular smart speaker for good reason. Not only is it affordable, but it is also a doddle to use. The speaker allows you to voice control music, streaming tunes from Amazon Music, Apple Music, Spotify, Tunein and many others — plus you can expand your literary range by listening to audiobooks on Audible. 

You can also ask Alexa to answer questions, update you on the weather forecast, set a timer and so on — plus you can control your other compatible smart home devices. 

The Echo dot means you can make calls hands free too, as well as making announcements to other rooms in the home with an Echo device (no more yelling "Dinner is ready" up the staircase....View Deal

Echo Show 8 |WAS £119.99, NOW £59.99 Save £60.00 at Amazon

The Echo Show 8 brings together all the smart tech associated with the Alexa voice assistant with an 8" HD screen that allows you to make video calls, see weather and news at a glance and watch films and TV — amongst a whole host of other things. 

You can set alarms and timers, use the screen as a photo frame, stream music (if you have Amazon Music you can see the lyrics on screen too — karaoke anyone?)

Oh, and if you are worried about privacy, you can electronically disconnect the microphones and camera and slide a built-in cover to close the camera lens off. View Deal

Smart Ways to Control Your Heating

We have all become a lot more conscious of how much energy we are using in our homes lately — not only from an environmental perspective but also from a money-saving point of view. 

The new ranges of smart thermostats out there will help you to use energy smarter.

tado° Wired Smart Thermostat Starter Kit V3+ | WAS £199.99, NOW £130.00 Save £69.99 at Amazon

Compatible with 95% of central heating systems. this smart home heating gadget allows you to control your home's heating from wherever you might be, ensuring you always return to a home that will be at the perfect temperature for you.

It will help you save on your bills too — the smart thermostat notifies you when everyone has left the house or if a window has been left open, allowing you to turn off the heating so as not to waste energy. 

Integrate it with your home assistant (Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant or Apple HomeKit) and you can implement voice control for your heating as well. View Deal

Smart Home Security Deals 

Protecting your home and your loved ones living should be high priority and using smart tech gadgets, such as smart security cameras or alarms will ensure you have the highest levels of protection at home.

Wireless versions should be easy enough to install on a DIY basis, but wired versions will require the work of a professional — this is one area you want to get right. 

eufyCam 2C Wireless Home Security Camera System | WAS £259.99, NOW £149.99 Save £110 at Amazon

With smart image enhancement and a built-in spotlight, this is most certainly one smart security camera intruders will not want to come across. 

It allows you to live-stream and record crystal clear footage and has the added bonus of human detection technology meaning you won't get alerted to the presence of a badger wandering by...

In addition, you can connect the camera to other devices, such as an Amazon Alexa, as well as being able to speak to anyone who comes to your door via two-way technology.View Deal

YESKAMO Long Range Wireless Outdoor Home CCTV Camera System | WAS £334.00, NOW £267.20 Save £66.80 at Amazon

Serious about keeping your home secure? Look no further than this CCTV system — on sale now from Amazon. 

The kit includes everything you need to ensure your home is protected from unwanted visitors, including four wireless security cameras with floodlights, two-way audio and instant motion detection.  You will be instantly sent email alerts if motion is detected at your home and the cameras will begin recording as soon as it is. 

View Deal