How first time renovators transformed this period home for £40k in under one year

A three-storey period property with grey exterior walls
A couple in Weston Super Mare have renovated their period property using just £40,000 and 11 months of hard work (Image credit: Channel 4)

A pair of renovators from Weston Super Mare completely transform their period property that they purchased for £345,000, despite claiming to have no previous renovation experience.

The couple, Simon and Holly, who have two young children, show off their work on George Clarke's Old House New Home, which they managed to get done for less than £40,000 and in under one year.

The transformation of the three-storey terraced house was described as a "miracle" by George as it was previously a townhouse, and before that three flats. This turnaround shows what can be achieved when renovating a house.

Completed work by themselves for £40k in under a year

The couple laid out their plans on the show stating their intention to restore the period property by themselves, despite having no previous experience.

George Clarke was left stunned when Simon stated the couple had "Zero" background in building as George responded: "You've never built anything before? And you're going to do all this?"

Although, Simon at least clarified he wouldn't go near the gas and electricity work.

The couple had a strict budget for their renovation and a clear plan to restore the home to its former glory and make it a family home for their two young children, which after 11 months and around £40,000 later they managed, showing how you can renovate on a budget.

Knocked through a wall to create family kitchen-diner

The couple's work extended to the kitchen where they knocked through a wall on the ground floor to create a kitchen-diner.

The open plan kitchen created a large "family-space" and featured tiles which were hand-painted by Holly.

The kitchen-diner also had French doors, which led out to the back garden to provide even more brilliant home renovation ideas for others.

The renovated kitchen worktops have wooden surfaces and blue cabinets fill the kitchen which includes a kitchen island

The couple were forced to knock through a wall on the ground floor to create the kitchen-diner of their dreams (Image credit: Channel 4)

Feels like a 'completely different house'

George was left delighted with how the couple managed to restore the home to its original features

When George was initially shown round the house before the renovation he was in despair with how work by previous owners had removed many of the homes original features, such as the fireplaces, when the home was turned into three flats.

He stated: "You would never think you were in a beautiful period house in here would you? It's pretty miserable actually."

However, after the renovation the fireplaces were restored and the home was done in a style to pay homage to the home's past. George even provided the finishing touches by bringing in a carpenter to restore the bannister to its former glory by putting in a curved handrail for a unqiue staircase design.

After all the work was done George declared: "I feel like I'm in a completely different house altogether."

Joseph Mullane
News Editor

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