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Amazon Echo Sale: Save £25 on This Smart Speaker When You Buy Now

Amazon Echo
(Image credit: Amazon)

Looking to buy an Amazon Echo? Great news - right, now you can save £25 on Amazon.

As well as being a smashing speaker, the Echo connects to Alexa, the cloud-based voice service, and acts as a smart assistant - you can ask Alexa to play particular songs or playlists, manage your calendar or to-do list, check weather, traffic and sports scores and even control other compatible smart home devices (and much more).  

Since its release in 2014 it has changed the way many of us consume information, and that's just scratching the surface of its smart capabilities. 

Buy the Amazon Echo Now and Save £25

Amazon Echo (3rd generation) | WAS £89.99, NOW £64.99

The 3rd generation of the Amazon Echo boasts enhanced speakers powered by Dolby, and music lovers will appreciate this upgrade from previous versions. But it’s not just music that the Echo excels in: Alexa can essentially act as your personal assistant, whether you’re tracking your fitness, creating meal plans or shopping lists, or looking to make hands-free calls. 

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Integrating the Amazon Echo with Your Smart Home

You can involve the Echo as much or as little in your home life. You can use voice controls to ask Alexa questions, or request songs from Apple Music or Spotify (as well as many other platforms), or it can be used as a hub to control other smart home devices around your home. 

When connected with compatible devices, you can use the Amazon Echo to control smart lights, thermostats and TVs. Plus, when you add compatible Echo devices in different rooms, you can use them like an intercom. 

How Can Smart Home Tech Transform Your Home?

Achieving a fully smart home begins at the design stage and making sure you have a wireless infrastructure to support the technology you hope to add. In a fully automated property, you will be able to control your lighting, heating and ventilation, entertainment and security via a control panel.

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If you are looking to dip your toe into smart home tech, the Amazon Echo is a great place to start.