Over half of extenders opt for a main contractor to manage their extension project, Homebuilding.co.uk research shows. 

A total of 56% of extenders selected a main contractor, which can be practical and time-saving if you know what design you want, but lack the time to complete the project yourself. 

The main contractor can organise a smooth labour flow, manage deliveries, run the building site, organise the subcontractors, handle all the procurement and ensure design plans are followed through. 

The findings were based on over 13,300 submissions to the Homebuilding & Renovating Extension Cost Calculator, which revealed that 7,515 extenders used a main contractor on their project.

The second-most popular build route was for extenders to hire a project manager then self-manage subcontractors (18.9%), while 15.3% of respondents directly employed subcontractors and managed the project themselves. 

Just over 9% of extenders said they primarily did the DIY themselves while hiring subcontractors for certain jobs.

Extension Considerations

There’s a considerable amount to prepare for before you build an extension, and choosing who will manage the build is a pivotal decision. 

Building an extension can be achieved through a number of build routes depending on your specifications, such as budget, project experience you possess, and the available time you have to manage the project.

In addition to the aforementioned build options, extenders can also secure a package route where the extension is built off site and then delivered to site ready for erection, or mix and match several of these approaches, for different stages of the project.

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