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Tips for creating luxury in your bathroom

1. Balance practicality with luxury
If you can create space for a roll-top bath this is a great way to add that boutique hotel feel, but it can be hard to effectively incorporate an over-bath shower that doesn’t lead to you covering the floor in water. A full shower curtain is one way to avoid spray, but you might prefer to have a separate shower elsewhere in the room.

2. Sunken baths in the right setting can be fabulous
These can be tricky to incorporate – especially in a remodel – but look amazing when done properly.

3. Small spaces can be beautiful, but lighting plays a critical role
Include task lighting near the mirror and ambient lighting around the bath for a sense of calm.

4. Specify his ’n’ hers basins if the space allows
The bathroom can become a bit of a battleground during the morning rush to get ready, so installing two sinks will prevent conflict to some degree.

5. Put a bath in the bedroom
Nothing says hotel luxury more than a freestanding bath as part of the bedroom, especially if you have a good view from there. Think carefully about flooring around the bath — it doesn’t matter how careful you are, you will get water on the floor.

6. Calming tones create a sumptuous ambience
Think carefully about your colour scheme to create the most relaxing atmosphere. Neutral tones are popular and can create a good backdrop for more colourful accessories.

7. Think about natural light
Natural light works wonders so if your bathroom has no external walls for windows, try adding a light tunnel or rooflight if possible.

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