20 lighting trends for 2024 to give your home a glow-up

rustic kitchen living room with herringbone floor and layered lighting scheme
(Image credit: Industville)

Armed with the latest lighting trends you will be able to create a home that not only looks stunning, but also one that is easily adapted to suit whatever is going on at the time — from a cosy night in to preparing dinner for the family. 

In the world of lighting design, new products and ideas are almost constantly being developed so it is a really good idea to ensure you are up to speed with the latest offerings. 

There are lots of reasons why keeping an eye on the latest lighting trends matters as not only does your scheme play an important role in the way you can use your home, but it can also help increase your house's security levels and even aid with lowering your energy bills.

We reached out to a range of lighting experts to help us track down the trends worth knowing about and considering including in your home so you can make sure you are spending your budget on the best products for you. These ideas cover products that can either be designed into your home during the build process or, for those looking for quick and easy ways to update their existing spaces, some that allow for easy retrofitting too. 

Read on for the 20 lighting trends that you should be considering for your project in 2024. 

Even those renovating a house or carrying out a simple interior refresh can benefit from a dive into the world of the latest lighting trends — most of those we have picked out are not disruptive to implement. Equally, if you are on a tight budget, there is no need to go out and spend a fortune on these trends. Even picking just a couple of these ideas can freshen up your home immensely.

A number of these lighting trends are focussed on increasing homeowners' sense of wellbeing and most look set to stand the test of time, being pretty classic — as opposed to flash-in-the-pan fads that will set you back a considerable amount of money and then look dated in just a few months. 

1. Rethink your use of table lamps

Most people these days are familiar with the concept of 'layered lighting', something that really can come in handy when looking at how to light a kitchen well as well as many other rooms. However, if this is a term that is new to you, let us explain. In short, any good lighting scheme will include layers of light. Ambient lighting (also known as general or background lighting), to give overall illumination to a room, task lighting to help with carrying out practical jobs and accent or mood lighting to highlight features around the home.

However, this year, the idea of layered lighting is set to step up a level.

"The year 2024 brings a transformation in how we view table lamps, which have evolved from mere accessories to central pieces that anchor a room’s design," revelas Mara Rypacek Miller, managing director at Industville. "Table lamps are no longer confined to their functional role; they are now a focal point for adding depth and character to interior spaces. They serve as the building blocks for layered lighting, offering both aesthetic appeal and practicality."

lamp in panelled hallway

Table lamps such as this, from Industville, should no longer be viewed as accessories but instead as an integral part of your lighting scheme.  (Image credit: Industville)

2. Design a lighting scheme to enhance wellness

Since we all started working from home, and spending more time there, the need to create a space that really fosters a sense of wellbeing has become increasingly important — and your lighting design is key here, not just when it comes to lighting a home office

Smart lighting might be a way of making life run a little smoother, but did you realise it can also be used in other ways?

"Cutting-edge technology is reshaping our homes, encompassing everything from lights tailored to your mood to thermostats ensuring an optimal temperature," says Mara Rypacek Miller, who anticipates a surge in smart lighting systems tailored to daily routines, particularly those offering smart and immersive features that elevate mental well-being whilst also saving energy. 

"These systems automatically adjust their colour temperature and brightness throughout the day to emulate natural sunlight, promoting better sleep patterns and overall improved well-being. Homeowners can take advantage of these new technologies seamlessly through voice commands, smartphone apps, or presence-detecting sensors."

peaceful all white living room

Your lighting scheme can help create a serene, peaceful vibe in your home. This room is benefits from Panel Wall Lights in White from Gong, as well as their Dusia Table Lamp.  (Image credit: Gong)

3. Look to nature to inspire your lighting design

Expect to see light fittings that take their cue from the natural world around us this year. 

"The prevalence of organic forms isn’t new in the world of decorative lighting — flowing lines and shapes are timeless and lend themselves perfectly to beautifully realised schemes where chandeliers and pendants are used to create a focal point," says Michael Sillitoe, design manager at London-based luxury lighting specialists, Nulty Bespoke

"But for 2024, the trend will truly deepen due to a growing appreciation for biophilic design and a desire to connect with the integrity of nature. There is strong evidence that the stronger our connection with nature, the happier we are. Yet our 'natural' habitat is increasingly an urban one," continues Michael. "This is where biophilic design comes in, as it strives to counteract the effects of modern urban life by bringing nature into a space. Creatives are having fun with this trend in lighting, reinventing familiar elements from nature to produce something unique.

In a design sense, the aesthetic is multifaceted — sinuous shapes, elaborate finishes, vibrant colours, and soft use of light are balanced to create a visually interesting centrepiece. The key to this sensibility is beautiful imperfections. Nature isn’t flawless; it’s a living and breathing entity so design must reflect this. Movement, intricacy, and nuance give each lighting piece character and personality."

"Bringing the outside in is popular trend that is set to continue and nature-inspired lighting is a great way to achieve this," says Jo Plismy, owner and lighting designer at Gong. “These beautiful fixtures often utilise warm lighting, enhancing the cosy ambiance of a space and providing a positive impact on our mood. Light fixtures inspired by the natural world infuse indoor spaces with organic beauty, creating a tranquil and serene ambiance. Drawing on biophilic design principles, these fixtures foster a connection with nature, contributing to overall wellbeing. Their versatility also means that they integrate seamlessly with many interior styles.”

living room with oversized pendant lights

The Kina suspension, created by designer David Trubridge and available from Nedgis, is made from natural bamboo from sustainably managed plantations and was inspired by an urchin shell.  (Image credit: Nedgis)

4. Choose light fittings with sustainability in mind

Every single area of the home is now being designed with sustainability in mind, lighting included, so be sure to choose fittings that will stand the test of time. 

"Lighting designers are continually discovering innovative and sustainable materials for their designs, eliminating the need to compromise between style and environmental considerations," says Jo Plismy. “We are always on the lookout for new and interesting materials for our collections and sustainability is very important to us." 

"Sustainability remains at the forefront of lighting trends in 2024, as eco-conscious consumers seek solutions that are both energy-efficient and environmentally responsible," agrees Mara Rypacek Miller. "As the world becomes increasingly aware of the need for sustainability, eco-friendly lighting options not only brighten up spaces but also reinforce the commitment to preserving the planet for future generations. Investing in classic lighting that will stand the test of time is at the forefront of consumers' minds when making lighting purchases in 2024."

statement lighting

Expect to see plenty of organic, sculptural forms made from sustainable materials within lighting design in 2024. The Beehive Wire Cage Metal Mesh light from Industville costs £129.  (Image credit: Industville)

5. Make your lighting the star of the show

Rather than being something that is seen as purely a necessity, lighting is increasingly being seen as an architectural statement in its own right — and you can expect to see some stunningly eye-catching designs being brought out as the year progresses. These can work brilliantly as living room lighting ideas.

"In 2024, the world of lighting is set to be transformed as sculptural lights emerge as the stars of the show," says Mara Rypacek Miller. "Lighting fixtures are no longer just sources of illumination; they are works of art that define interior spaces."

"Decorative lighting is moving beyond the realm of simple illumination and becoming a method of artistic expression — a way to animate or embellish a scheme," says Michael Sillitoe. "Lighting is being used as a work of art through oversized sculptural installations that bring a sense of movement to a space or create an optical illusion. From avant-garde designs to cascading geometric clusters, these installations easily add a touch of glamour, drama, or intrigue to interiors. 

"The key to this trend is creative thinking — lighting pieces don’t just blend in with their surroundings, they add something unexpected and imaginative," explains Michael. 

"Lighting is a great way to make a statement in any room and for 2024 fixtures with a sculptural, ethereal feel are predicted to be on everyone’s Hot List," says Jo Plismy. “I have always loved the use of interesting, different forms in lighting design. Often unexpected in light fixtures, using such sculptural forms can create a dreamy, romantic feel in a room. Combined with unusual materials such as silk and zippers, these elegant artistic pieces serve as captivating focal points and are as great way to give an expression of personal style.”

statement lighting in living room

This stunning chandelier was designed and made by Nulty Bespoke and features upcycled clear triangular crystal shards and antique brass finished custom LED. (Image credit: Nulty Bespoke)

6. Get your lighting design under control

Lighting technology that allows you to change the look and ambience of the room at the touch of a button has come on in leaps and bounds in recent years and 2024 looks set to see homeowners really getting into how to design a smart home and embracing the new products that offer this kind complete control.

"I see a continued development of human centric lighting," says Fiona Harvey, senior designer at John Cullen Lighting. "More presence of tuneable and products such our AmbiDim/Dim which offer warm solutions that cater for both daytime and evening scenarios should be expected. 

"There has been popular demand for this type of technology, particularly in commercial/hospitality markets, which could potentially filter more through to residential environments."

concealed LED shelf lighting

This tuneable LED strip lighting, used to great effect in the alcoves, is from John Cullen Lighting.  (Image credit: John Cullen Lighting)

7. View your lighting as an architectural element

There are certain lighting trends you can only adopt if you're designing a new space, or seriously renovating a property. These are often bold, architectural lighting interventions that ingrain your lighting scheme into the fabric of your building. 

As more and more people look to self build and improve their existing homes, we predict to see more clever architectural lighting design ideas.

"At its core, the primary aim of architectural lighting is to accentuate the unique characteristics and features of a given environment," explains Jo Plismy. "Whether it's an interior space, such as a living room or the exterior facade of a building, this lighting technique takes a thoughtful and artistic approach to enriching the visual appeal of the surroundings. It's not merely about illuminating a room; it's about creating an alluring and captivating atmosphere that goes beyond the practicality of lighting”.

a dining room with a strip lighting idea

Building from scratch or extending presents you with the unique opportunity to incorporate your lighting ideas into the fabric of your home.  (Image credit: Snook Photography)

8. Understand the impact of smaller fittings

"There is a clear and continued trend towards smaller, more miniaturised architectural light fittings that seamlessly blend into the interior environment," says Luke Thomas, design director at John Cullen Lighting. 

"These give the option of creating dramatic lighting schemes which are low glare and discreet, providing excellent visual comfort and also maintaining the focus of attention on the subject of the illumination and not the source itself."

decorative object lit by small hidden light source

Tiny hidden lights are perfect for highlighting features around your home in a dramatic way. Here, John Cullen Lighting's Miniature Minim Black Joinery Light has been used to make the decorative object pop.  (Image credit: John Cullen Lighting)

9. Discover the benefits of 'light washing'

Good lighting is about far more than ceiling lighting ideas and if you are not familiar the the term 'light washing' then 2024 is definitely the time to read up on the concept — it could totally transform the way your home feels to spend time in. 

“In 2024 even more focus will be placed on how lighting can significantly influence a design scheme through light washing – the technique of using lighting to bathe a space in a soft, even glow," states 2024, interiors expert Lucy Mather from online homeware retailer Arighi Bianchi. "It involves strategically placing light sources to create a subtle and uniform illumination that enhances the ambiance of a room without creating harsh shadows or bright spots.

“While lighting expert Tom Dixon first spoke about the concept of light washing a couple of years ago, this approach is very much growing in popularity as people look to using lighting to create a warming finishing touch.

“Within this trend, lighting is becoming less about an overtly obvious statement fixture and more about feeding into the comfort that we crave from our interiors. By directing light upward or downward or using indirect lighting methods, it helps eliminate harsh contrasts and can make a space feel larger, more inviting and relaxing. As a trend that is easy to achieve without a complete re-design, we’re big fans.”

living room with mood lighting

Light washing helps with a sense of calm and wellbeing.  (Image credit: Arighi Bianchi)

10. Use your lighting to define open plan spaces

You may have heard about ways to zone an open-plan space with lighting before, but the idea for 2024 extend so much further than just how the physical fixtures can help demarcate areas from one another and create zones in the space. 

Directional lighting, whether that's spotlights or downlights, can be used to draw the eye to a certain area, while grouping a different style, colour or luminosity of lighting can also create a 'zone' within your open plan space, without actually creating physical divides. 

People have been spending more time in their homes and there has been a notable trend for more broken plan spaces that offer more flexibility for those working from home. 

"Open plan living and kitchen-cum-dining spaces in particular require versatile and well-planned lighting to zone successfully — from task spot lighting over practical areas to dimmable, mood-enhancing pendants over dining tables," says Piero de Marchis, Director of Detail Lighting

"It is due to this desire to achieve ultimate multifunctionality that we anticipate homeowners integrating transformative multi-purpose lighting solutions into their homes as a priority.”

red open plan kitchen with marble worktop

Open and broken plan spaces need careful consideration when it comes to the best lighting design scheme in order to work well.  (Image credit: Higham Furniture)

11. Find ways to incorporate quiet luxury

The concept of 'quiet luxury' is set to be big news throughout 2024. 

"Quiet luxury is a phrase that many of us were discussing in 2023," explains Hege Lundh, marketing and business development director at Lundhs Real Stone. "A trend that embodies beauty in quality and simplicity."

"Quiet luxury is the latest trend to make its way into interiors," confirms Michael Stilltoe. "With the world increasingly feeling like a challenging place, we’re drawn to moments of calm. And in our efforts to seek out tranquillity, we try to surround ourselves with beautifully made pieces that evoke a sense of equilibrium and simplicity." But what does this mean for homeowners with a new lighting scheme on their mind?

"Characterised by carefully curated yet understated aesthetics, with just a hint of grandeur, the trend is all about considered composure," says Michael. "What these lighting pieces lack in drama, they make up for in detail. Clean lines and materials are the starting principle but gain an extra facet of lavishness through thoughtful creative touches. The most refined interiors are often the most stylistically balanced.  The key to this trend is the beautiful fusion of simplicity and intricacy."

calm living room with large table lamps

Understated lighting can help achieve a look that ties in well with the trend for quiet luxury.  (Image credit: Katie Fischer)

12. Keep some of your light sources discreet

“We have noticed a considerable move away from downlighting to LED and hidden lighting and believe this will continue to be a prevalent trend throughout next year," says Piero de Marchis, director at Detail Lighting. "Track lighting is also becoming an increasingly popular choice, enabling homeowners to adapt and discreetly move their lighting scheme from one area to the next with ease.”

Recessed lighting, whether that's downlighting or LED strip lighting, is an efficient use of space that also offers useful ambient lighting across your room, however, if not handled well, they can be unsightly in a space. 

The big trend when it comes to these sorts of lights is to look at plaster-in fixtures. These are primarily designs where the light fixture itself can be plastered over, creating a light which is flush with the ceiling, meaning no outer rims and ensuring a more minimalist finish to your design. With some LED strip lighting, you may find this is designed to sit flush when fitted at the plasterboard stage. 

contemporary living room with hidden lighting

Hidden light sources are one of the biggest trends of 2024 and can really highlight the architectural features of a space. The LED and hidden lights used here are from Detail Lighting.  (Image credit: Detail Lighting)

13. Upgrade your smart lighting to simplify life

“Thanks to advances in technology, and an increasing desire for full controllability in our homes, Bluetooth-controlled lighting will start to become the norm," says Piero de Marchis. "Advances in LED lighting, both in appearance and technology, mean that complete connectivity is more possible than ever before.

"Bluetooth controls and receivers can now work in tandem with standard switches, so one touch of a fingertip on your smartphone can gently transform the ambience and mood of any specific area." 

These types of lighting are also easy to retrofit, and are more versatile and changeable than hard-wired smart lighting systems, allowing homeowners to get to know their lighting needs and amend and add to any smart set-ups as they continue to live in their home. 

A really easy way to incorporate smart lighting into your home is to choose one or two of the best smart light bulbs — they are easy to install into your existing fittings.

a kitchen and dining room with interesting lighting design

The use of smart lighting systems can make life easier on a day-to-day basis — incorporating one or two smart light bulbs can be a good start.  (Image credit: Detail Lighting)

14. Really get to grips with accent lighting

Another trend you can expect to see in 2024 is even more focus on ambient lighting. 

“Ambient lighting allows you to set the mood and change the ambience in a room," says Piero de Marchis. "Homeowners are paying far more attention to the way spaces in the home make us feel, as well as their function. From dim-to-warm technology to discreetly hidden accent and spotlighting, mood-enhancing lighting is set to continue to be a key consideration for 2024 and beyond, in particular in bathrooms, bedrooms and multifunctional spaces such as open-plan kitchens.”

Accent lighting is often used for backlighting shelves, illuminating wall art and adding drama when used as a staircase lighting idea; there's plenty of ways it can be used to ensure that the design of your home looks as good during the night as it does in the day. 

Uplights are a great way to bring a space to life too. By illuminating ceilings, roofs and beams, you can draw the eye up at night and ensure your architecture is well-defined no matter the time of day. 

hidden led lighting in kitchen

Concealed LED lights work, such as these from Detail Lighting, work particularly well in kitchens, under the base units.  (Image credit: Detail Lighting)

15. Keep bathroom lighting soft and subtle

After bathroom lighting ideas? This is the time to ensure your bathing space is soothing and restful — and using lighting is one of the best ways to achieve this. 

"Homeowners are looking to invest in versatile lighting schemes for their bathrooms as we get into 2024," advises Piero De Marchis. "Spotlights and pendant lighting will provide the bathroom with a more relaxing ambience, whilst task lighting is better for functionality.

“When it comes to bathroom lighting in particular, there has been a shift towards softer, more considered lighting solutions," continues Piero. "With the trend for spa bathrooms set to remain prevalent for many years, we will continue to see more low-level lighting on either side of WCs and also behind freestanding baths. This kind of well-placed and considered lighting allows homeowners to achieve the perfect balance between practicality and the desired spa sanctuary feel.

marble bathroom with mirror lighting

Low level and concealed lighting works brilliantly in bathrooms where they produce a soft, relaxing illumination. The products here are from Detail Lighting.  (Image credit: Detail Lighting)

16. Brush up on biodynamic lighting

For the last few years, you'll have seen the concept of biophilic design crop up on the interior design trends list, but did you know that this concept can be applied to lighting too? 

Biodynamic lighting is a concept by which light is adapted throughout the day to meet the requirements of a healthy circadian rhythm. To put it in simple terms of cool light vs warm light, brighter, whiter light is required in the morning and during the day, while a warmer, softer light is used in the evening to help stimulate the hormones that allow for healthy sleep cycles. 

While true biodynamic lighting can only be achieved with specialist systems installed, you can certainly mimic some of the effects using colour-changing bulbs controlled by your smart phone which allow for your lights to emit both cool white and warm white light. 

hidden kitchen lighting ideas

Warm lighting, such as this from John Cullen Lighting, can conjure up a welcoming, sociable feel in dining kitchens — perfect for entertaining.  (Image credit: John Cullen Lighting)

17. Look for ways to make quick changes with impact

So, what about the lighting trends in materials and styles for fixtures and fittings?

One idea to consider when renovating and retrofitting lighting into a house is this idea of non-hard wired wall lights. Styles of wall lights with external wiring that are connected to a standard socket have exploded over recent years as a quick fix for people who want to improve their lighting scheme, but don't want the expense (or mess and hassle) of re-working circuits and making channels into the walls. Simply fix to the wall, then plug in your light and you're good to go. 

This can be a particularly good bedroom lighting idea, as you'll have bedside tables which help to obscure the slightly messier area when you need to plug these lights in. 

One downside is you won't be able to control these lights from a switch like the main lights, but by teaming them up with a smart plug, you can create a smart lighting scheme that utilises all your wired-in and plug-dependent lighting in one place. 

When it comes to lamps, floor lamps are big news right now so look out for some really exciting new designs being released over the next few months. 

large rattan floor lamp and red velvet sofa

Floor lamps are right on trend — as is rattan, meaning this Ferm Living Dou Braided Rattan Floor Lamp from Rose & Grey ticks two boxes.  (Image credit: Rose & Grey)

18. Get the wow factor with oversized pendants

Maximalist lighting is most certainly still in, and over-sized and highly decorative pendant lights and chandeliers are set to continue to be a big trend in 2024. While ornate chandeliers with lots of arms are set to be a lighting trend that endures, look towards bold round designs as the next big thing in lighting styles. 

Consider swapping rows of three smaller pendants over dining tables and kitchen islands for one large statement fitting instead.  

large black pendant light over round dining table

Definitely a conversation starter, the Mezza luna black/bronze pendant from In-es.artdesign is ideal for those wanting to make a statement.  (Image credit: In-es.artdesign)

19. Use portable lamps for flexibility

Another great option for expanding your lighting scheme while working with the existing lighting set-up, portable, rechargeable lamps were a new trend that emerged last year and is set to continue. 

The benefits of adopting this type of lighting are numerous, once you get past the idea that you'll have to make sure you plug it in to charge every now and again. Not only can you move it around to provide task lighting as and when you need it, but you can include it in your permanent lighting scheme, adding a lamp where there may not be easy access to a plug. This works for shelving units, coffee tables and side tables, even when they're in the middle of the room. 

portable table lamp on round dining table

The Humble Two is a portable, dimmable table lamp that uses its domed shade to direct a perfect circle of light. It is from Nedgis (Image credit: Nedgis)

20. Embrace the beauty of glass fittings

Decorative glass continues to be a popular lighting trend, particularly where a softer, more ambient lighting solution is required. 

Opaque glass orbs are popular fittings for both traditional and contemporary looks, depending on the fixture it's designed with, while reeded and fluted glass also continues to be popular, especially as a bathroom lighting idea. 

These fittings are a particularly good pairing with contemporary black fixtures, which "can sometimes be overpowering", says Peter Legg, lead designer at där lighting. "Combinations contrasting the tint with ribbed and opal glass shades are rising in popularity as they introduce softness, balancing out the look and creating a perfect blend," he explains. 

Also be on the look out for milky glass and smoked glass fittings — both continue to big news. 

smoked glass ball pendant lights over dining table

These beautiful smoked glass pendant lights are from Hadeland Glassverk and create an elegant finish over this dining table.  (Image credit: Hadeland Glassverk)
Lucy Mather
Lucy Mather

Lucy Mather is an interiors expert at online homeware retailer Arighi Bianchi.

Michael Silltoe
Michael Sillitoe

Design Manager at Nulty Bespoke, Michael Sillitoe, crafts the most unique lighting pieces, befitting the most beautiful spaces. Having formerly produced luminaires and installations globally for Swarovski, David Gill Galleries and Isometrix, Michael loves to explore the challenges that come with working with light, especially where form, materiality, and finishes are concerned.

Mara Rypacek Miller
Mara Rypacek Miller

Mara is founder and managing director of lighting specialists Industville.

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